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LGBTA Wiki Interactions and Discussions Guidelines -

TW: brief mention violence of abuse; mention of suicide and self-harm in guideline 12.

Be nice and treat others with respect. All discussion posts, replies and comments must follow FANDOM's community guidelines ( as well as those for this wiki (

Users who commit small violations of guidelines will not be immediately banned, but rather given a warning and directed to these guidelines to learn why what they did was against community guidelines. If, after being directed to and reading those guidelines, the user continues to violate guidelines, then they will be banned. This does NOT apply to harassment, discrimination, invalidation, or any other form of harm or vandalism.

The following guidelines apply to all interactions with other users on this wiki (including the comment sections of articles and the discussions section of this site).

1) General Conduct
1.1) Trolling, or vandalizing of any kind will be deleted and will lead to your account being banned.
1.2) No blatantly/excessively toxic behaviour, passive-aggression or otherwise disrespectful posts/comments.
• Anything that directly insults or threatens another user can result in a ban anywhere from three months to indefinitely, depending on the severity. This includes but is not limited to threats of violence, intentional misgendering, unwanted sexual or romantic advances, or continuing to do something that makes another user uncomfortable when you have been told to stop.
• Do not condone violence against or the demonization of any group (regardless of the group in question). This includes demonizing pedophiles, necrophiles, zoophiles, or other paraphilic disorders. Paraphilic disorders are mental illnesses, and demonizing such groups is included under ableism.
• Do not make "jokes" about killing anybody regardless of the context or your intentions.
1.3) Be respectful of others
• Do not criticise someone's artwork unless criticism was asked for.
• Minorly passive-aggressive posts/comments or posts/comments with generally disrespectful tones such as posts with content along the lines of "block me if you must, I don’t care," or similar will be removed and blatant/repeated instances of this may result in a warning or block.
1.4) No posts/comments that are designed not to be read (such as posts titled "ignore this," "don't read this," or something similar).
1.5) No excessive "mini-modding" behaviour (attempting to enforce guidelines without being a staff member); report users who have violated the rules to staff members via the reporting feature. Asking a user to include appropriate trigger/content warnings in their posts does not violate this guideline.
1.6) Advertising
• Do not ask individuals to follow you or message you on another social media account in the comments of an article. Only give out your social media as a means of contacting another user via message walls or in the discussions section if it is relevant to the conversation, not unsolicited, and not for the purpose of trying to garner follows/likes/traction.
• Threads and posts that solicit upvotes will be deleted.
• Do not "advertise" your article in the comments/replies of an unrelated article/post.
• Do not "recommend" someone else an identity you made when it is not relevant to what they are asking.

2) Spam
2.1) Intentional/malicious spamming will be deleted and will lead to your account being banned.
2.2) Do not spam in the comments of articles or the discussions section of the site. Spamming, in this context, is defined as making multiple comments that repeat the same statement with little to no variations, or repeat the same sentiment, particularly when it is not relevant to the article or productive to the conversation. It doesn't matter what you are saying. This includes spamming across multiple pages.
2.3) Do not make posts/comments that are meaningless or spam-worthy (eg. posts that are a single word, polls where all the options are the same).

3) Language, slurs and word usage
3.1) All discussions must be primarily in English, as discussions cannot be easily or accurately monitored otherwise. Non-English discussions will be deleted, and a user repeatedly making non-English posts may be warned or temporarily blocked if the behaviour continues.
3.2) Use of language and slurs:
• Do not use racial, cultural, or ableist slurs (even if you can reclaim them).
• If using an LGBTQ+ slur in a reclaimed manner, censor it. If mentioning the slur (without being able to reclaim it) say "the _ slur" (ie: "the f slur"). This does not apply to queer, as queer is typically not seen as a slur anymore.
• Do not use words such as psychopath, psycho, sociopath, narcissism, narcissist, and similar unless you are referring to psychosis, sociopathic disorders, AsPD, and/or NPD. Using those words in any other manner will be considered ableist, as it spreads the false narrative that those traits make someone evil.

4) Typing quirks
• Any typing quirk that interferes with the letters of words or the overall comprehensibility of words - no matter how “minor” - must be translated, as screen readers cannot always “understand” what is being said.
• Posts that include the use of typing quirks must include a translation within the post if one is able to be provided.
If a translation cannot be provided by the user posting, they must ask for one to be provided (see this list for users who are willing to be pinged for translating typing quirks:
• Users who do not either provide a translation or ask for one to be provided will have their posts removed, and may receive a warning or block if the behaviour continues.

These rules are in place to ensure that the wiki is accessible to those who use a screen reader, as well as dyslexic, hard-of-sight, and other disabled/neurodivergent individuals who may struggle to read typing quirks.

5) Relationships
5.1) No making posts/comments actively seeking a relationship with users on this wiki. If you wish to ask someone out, please do so on another social media site or on their message wall.
5.2) Furthermore, do not make posts/polls asking about other users’ attraction towards you. Polls strictly asking about friendships are, however, allowed.

6) Impersonation and crediting
6.1) Impersonation of other users or famous individuals will not be tolerated. Any posts will be deleted and your account(s) will be banned.
6.2) When posting someone else's art (fanart, reference art, Picrews, etc) you must credit the artist and link to the original piece. If the art was made by an anonymous user, link to where the anonymous user submitted it. It does not matter if an art piece has a watermark or signature; you still must link to the original source. This also applies to using code that you didn't write yourself.

7) Wiki-related discourse
7.1) Wiki related discourse is allowed, as long as discussion follows all other guidelines and is constructive, productive and respectful towards the wiki, the wiki’s staff team, and the wiki’s community/users; wiki-related discourse of this nature will be monitored by staff members to ensure it remains as such.

“Wiki related discourse”, here, is defined as discussions of issues and opinions relating to the wiki such as its guidelines/policies, or other problems one may have with the wiki. This may sometimes overlap with identity/non-wiki related discourse if it is a question over what “stance” the wiki should take.

7.2) “Discourse” relating to other wiki users is not allowed; users should be reported when necessary, rather than “called out”
• Posts/polls directed at specific users with intent to insult, discredit, "call out," argue with, or complain about them will not be permitted.
• Users, including staff members, should be reported if they violate the rules, else, such issues should be discussed privately rather than on the discussions page.
• Absolutely no polls or posts asking individuals to share their opinions on another user.
• Do not make posts on the discussions page calling out members for breaking the rules. Instead, use the report feature, or contact a staff member directly.
• If you want to confront another user privately but are uncomfortable doing so or unsure how to proceed, do not take it to the discussions page. Instead, contact a mod or admin privately to ask for help, and they will assist you in confronting the issue in the best way possible, without starting drama.
• Users should not ask for genuine criticism or ask "do you like me" unless they are absolutely sure they can take negative feedback.

8) Non-wiki discourse, identity discourse and exclusionism
8.1) No polls that are "is [identity/sex trait/disorder/disability/race] valid".
8.2) Any user with a confusion/doubt/question about a certain identity (including those with exclusionist views), may make posts regarding their beliefs and questions, but only if they do so in a manner that is entirely respectful, inquisitive instead of accusative, and open-minded to growth and learning. For example, an exclusionist user cannot make a post saying "I think [x] identity is invalid." Instead, they must make a post along the lines of "Could someone explain [x] identity more to me so I'm more educated and can hear different opinions on it?"
8.3) Controversial posts, such as posts mentioning politics, require an appropriate trigger warning/content warning in the title and will be closely monitored. Posts or discussions cannot attack or condemn an entire ideology as a whole but civil discussion about beliefs is allowed.
8.4) Users may vent about discourse as long as said post includes appropriate trigger/content warnings.
8.5) Spreading exclusionist ideologies are by definition, disallowed, in the above points. This includes, but is not limited to: TERFs, SWERFs, truscum, m-spec exclusionists, a-spec exclusionists, those who are anti-m-spec lesbian/gay, anti-male/masc lesbian, anti-female/fem gay, anti-microlabels, or anti-PNC individuals. This also includes anything that is anti-otherkin, anti-alterhuman, against non-traumagenic systems, against regressors, and against furries.

9) DNIs
• Please refer to this post for more information on DNIs:
9.1) Do not breach someone’s DNI unless you are a staff member that needs to have an important discussion with the individual and/or you are reaching out to a staff member for an important matter. If you are found purposefully breaching a DNI, then you will be issued a warning, and if done again, you will receive a temporary ban.
9.2) Do not request a DNI on someone if you’re being exclusionary and/or discriminatory in some way. For example, do not request a DNI on someone because they are part of an endogenic system. If you are found doing this, you will receive a ban.

10) Trigger warnings and content warnings
• Please refer to this post for more information on what should and shouldn’t be marked with a trigger/content warning:

11) Safeguarding and user privacy
11.1) Do not come here for serious medical help, advice, or a diagnosis.
• This site is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Do not attempt to diagnose another individual or give medical advice that one needs to be qualified in order to safely give. Doing so can result in a temporary ban. For example, a post describing one’s symptoms and then asking if other users think you have a certain illness are not allowed.
• Asking about whether you might be alterhuman is allowed. Asking about plurality and whether you might be plural is also allowed, however, asking whether users think you have DID, OSDD or any other disorder is not allowed.
• As long as appropriate trigger warnings are used and any violence is not described in graphic/explicit detail: describing a situation and asking if what you experienced was abuse is allowed. However, you should be cautious with what you reveal about the situation for safety purposes.
11.2) Share experiences and resources safely.
• Users may ask for safe coping strategies and resources as long as the post doesn’t imply that the user will be in immediate danger if they do not receive said advice.
• Users may share safe coping strategies and resources as long as the user they are being shared with has explicitly consented to receive said information, and that one does not try to make medical claims, diagnoses or anything similar.
• Users may share their experiences as long as it is done in a way that does not imply that any other given user may have the same underlying medical conditions or to try to ask for a diagnosis, etc.
11.3) Please keep personal information private.
• If a user would like to post a photo they took, they must censor or crop out their faces, in addition to all personal information shown in the picture or their picture will be deleted.
• No photos containing "landmarks" (eg: historical statues, iconic buildings) that are near where you live, or any other information that could potentially allow others to identify your location.

12) Venting and guilt-tripping/sympathy “baiting”
12.1) No excessive venting.
• Users should only make one post for general venting per day (in the venting category of the discussions section) and use the reply section of that post to add additional venting throughout the day (for plural users, this may be one post per headmate for general venting per day).
• If a user is seeking safe/non-medical advice in their vents (eg: resources, safe coping strategies, asking a question), they may create up to two additional posts (a maximum of three venting posts per user/headmate per day).
12.2) Posts saying/implying that you are planning/going to commit suicide or otherwise harm yourself will be removed for the emotional wellbeing of all users. Repeating this behaviour may result in your account being blocked.
12.3) Posts describing suicide/self-harm in explicit/graphic detail will be removed due to FANDOM’s rules regarding NSFW and gore content.
12.4) No guilt-tripping or sympathy “baiting” posts.
• Do not use venting posts as means to manipulate other users. For example: making a post venting about feeling terrible directly after someone criticizes you to garner sympathy, or attempting to guilt-trip staff members for warning/punishing you appropriately.
• Absolutely no guilt-tripping or “baiting” posts that use suicide or self-harm as means to manipulate other users. For example: making a post saying you’re going to harm yourself directly after someone criticizes you to garner sympathy, or attempting to guilt-trip staff members for warning/punishing you appropriately. This will be taken very seriously.
• Other more minor forms of guilt-tripping may result in posts/comments being deleted and repeated instances of this behaviour may result in a warning. For example, trying to make other users feel guilty for not responding to your post/comment, eg: “reposting because everyone ignores me”.
• No posts with “please reply”/”please respond”/”please read”/"please interact" or anything similar in the title of a post. Do not otherwise pressure/guilt trip users into interacting with your posts, especially for posts that are likely to be triggering.

13) NSFW content/topics
• Note that FANDOM does not allow NSFW content.
• Discussion/posts/replies/comments that relate to NSFW topics is allowed as long as it is is relevant to the article, a genuine question and/or a genuine response to a question and the main purpose is educational.
• Any discussions relating to NSFW topics must be marked with the appropriate trigger warning(s).
• Discussion of medical topics, intersex variations, or altersex identities is not inherently NSFW.
• NSFW images are not allowed.

The following guidelines are specifically for the discussion section of this site:

14) Reposting
• For any reposting, 30 minutes must pass between each instance of a post being shared.
• One repost maximum: general venting posts.
• Two reposts maximum: most other general posts/polls.
• Three reposts maximum: posts looking for terms/help, venting posts looking for safe, non-medical advice (eg: coping strategies, resources), games.

15) Polls
15.1) All polls must include a “see results” option or a similar option that any user who isn’t voting on the actual poll may select. Posts that do not follow this rule will be removed.
15.2) As long as guideline 15.1 is met, a user posting a poll is allowed to ask that only members of a certain group respond to the options in the poll other than the “see results” option (eg: a poll asking only non-binary individuals, or only systems to answer).

The following guidelines are specifically for the comments sections of articles on this site:

16) Comments on articles
16.1) "Minorly negative comments" (such as: "What" and "Bruh..." and "I...") will be deleted and may result in a warning.
16.2) No posting comments such as "ew/gross/stupid" or similar, as well as violent/aggressive comments on exclusionist groups and other terms in the "beware" category. While exclusionists often do harm to the community, these comments do not add anything except aggression and hatred. Instead of making comments such as these, it is best to make comments of genuine criticism and education on why these terms cause harm.
16.3) Do not make sudden vent comments/comments about serious topics without warning.