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Alterangelos flag with the aldernic diamond.

Alderangelos flag without the diamond.

Alderangelos flag with a halo.


Alderangelos is an aldernic identity where a person desires to have an angelic appearance or body.

Angels are depicted in a number of ways throughout history, and throughout religious texts. From cherubs - winged infants - to four-faced, four-winged beings of fire, and even beyond to embodiments of holy energy, angels can vary wildly in terms of appearance. Most descriptions share a few traits, such as androgynous but nongendered forms made of fire or light, with enormous wings.

The type of angelic form a person would prefer is up to them. They are not required to conform to any description of angels; they only need to desire a form of angelic, or holy, energy and appearance.


The word "angelos" comes from the Latin word which means "messenger" or "shining one."


Alderangelos was coined by Tirednowhasablog on September 2nd, 2021. They created the flags the same day.


Some references to angels make a point to state that they're nongendered, meaning not male or female or anywhere in between. Since their bodies are made of light or fire (or some other form) and not flesh, they have no need for any genitals of any kind, or the ability to feel sexual, romantic, or tertiary attraction, to each other or to other beings. This can be easily equated with being agender, angenital, asexual, and aromantic; however, these are not required in order to identify as alderangelos.



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