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The aldernic flag symbol.

The aldernic flag without symbol.

Aldernic is an umbrella term for individuals who have, or wish to have, a body that deviates from what is expected in society or typical human notions. Aldernic may refer to fictional characters who have a different type of body from humans, but it may also be used by people who desire a body that does not match any existing body or a body that is not possible by human standards.

Usually this term will define people who do not feel as though they fit into a “male” or “female” body (though there are exceptions to this, such as people who desire both male and female sex characteristics), and instead desire an ambiguous, nonhuman, or other non-traditional body. It may refer to someone's “true” body, whether because of alterhumanity, gender nonconformity, xenic identity, or anything else. It can also define someone's physical body, internal identity, or both.

Aldernic is not connected to being intersex, and does not make someone “between perisex and intersex”; aldernic and intersex are separate from each other and should not be conflated.


The term aldernic was coined by Tumblr blog kenochoric on May 11, 2021. The term aldernic was coined as an alternative to altersex/alteradic. The flag was created at the same time.[1]