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The amari flag.

Amari, or Amari attraction, refers to where one does not specify the kinds of attraction they have (romantic, sexual, platonic, etc), either because one does not prioritize different types, sees no distinction between them, or doesn’t see any form as more important than another. It may be considered a form of attraction, and can also be used as an identity of its own.

One may partake in something like relationship anarchy or be amatopunk. This identity could be considered an amatopunk or relationship anarchy oriented form of attraction in that it does not distinguish different forms of it. An amari-based relationship may just be called a relationship, or whatever the parties involved prefer, but a specific term is called an amariship. Amari "crushes" may be called a tresh or a rush.

The suffix for amari is “-mari,” and can be used after any orientation prefix, like homomari, heteromari, bimari, and panmari. Amari is the general term for this identity. It is not restricted by any set rules (similar to queerplatonic) and no two amari relationships have to function in the same way.


The term was coined by Tumblr user kenochoric on July 28, 2021. The flag was made at the same time, and has no known meaning.[1] It was later added to the amatopunk Carrd as a subsection of related identities.[2] The term "amariship" was first coined on August 4, 2021 by the same user.[3]