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The andergender flag.

Andergender is an umbrella term for a system of genders which are outherine as well as another gender aspect.

Someone might identify with andergender or one of the subsets within the gender system for many reasons. Such as their gender being fluid between outherine genders and non-outherine genders, their gender can be accurately described as both outherine and another gender aspect equally, their gender is both outherine and another gender aspect, along with many more.

Andergender can also be used as a standalone identity (Andernonbinary or Anderfae) for those whose gender is best described as non-binary alone.[1]

There are several andergenders within the system, such as:

Anderfaun: Masculine and outherine

Anderdawn: Androgynous and outherine

Anderdoe: Feminine and outherine

Andersylph: Xenic and outherine

Andersans: Genderless and/or null and outherine

Anderflor: Outherine and outherine

Andersatyr: Masculine, xenic, and outherine

Anderselkie: Feminine, xenic, and outherine


Andergender was coined by Twitter user aboredsapphic on July 30, 2021. The system was named ander after the Dutch word for "other", and was created due to a lack of explicitly outherine gender identities.[2]


The flag was created by the coiner. The orange stripes represent outherine gender identities, the white represents transness and atrinary identity, and the last two stripes are subject to change depending on the other gender aspect of the individual. On the main andergender flag, the yellow stripes represent nonbinary identity.