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The Ay flag.

The alternate Ay flag by neopronouns.

Another alternate Ay flag by neopronouns.

A third alternate Ay flag by neopronouns.

The alternate ay flag by quoipunk.

Ay is a term for those who are not allosexual nor alloromantic. It is useful for individuals who are not necessarily aroace because they don't define themselves using the split attraction model. It can be used by individuals who are both aro-spec and ace-spec but don't identify as strictly aromantic and/or asexual. It can also be used by anyone who wants an alternative term for aroace.


The term was coined by an anonymous user through the Tumblr blog beyond-mogai-pride-flags on February 13, 2019.[1]


The first flag was created by mod AP through the Tumblr blog beyond-mogai-pride-flags on January 9, 2020.[2]

The second, third, and fourth flags were created by Tumblr user Neopronouns on March 23, 2020.[3]

The first flag is based on the typical aroace combo flag. the second and third are based partly on @aroaesflags‘ aroace design, and both have five stripes for similarity to aro flag and the gray/black stripes on the top for similarity to the ace flag. the third flag has an extra blue stripe rather than the white one because the original ay flag design has no white stripe.

The fifth flag was created by Tumblr user quoipunk on February 22, 2020.[4]