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Aspentheleafwing4 Aspentheleafwing4 7 hours ago

My innerworld (s)

It's a white tiled room with a single drawing table that goes on forever. In the middle, there is a door. The door leads to the bedroom. Everyone can access this innerworld, but some prefer not to.

it is a giant forest with a cabin in asunny clearing in the middle. The cabin interior is not known. Only Ophelia, winter, juniper, and aster can access this innerworld.

only lilin can access this one. It is a huge neon metropolis with no people inside.

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Contie Contie 1 day ago

Partial Genders

  • 1 General terms
  • 2 Percentage ranges of gender
  • 3 Exact percentages of gender
  • 4 Genderless base

  • One is partially, but not fully, a given gender - Demigender
  • The "smallest addressable element" in an overall gender experience - Pixelgender
  • One's experience of a gender is "small but intense" - Hypogender
  • One is mostly one gender and slightly another gender(s) - Magigender

  • -101--500% - Espressian
  • 1-49% - Themisgender
  • 50-99% - Paragender
  • 90-99% - -Near
  • Over 100% - Hypergender

  • 25% - Quartergender
  • 50% - Hemigender
  • 75% - Dodransgender
  • 99% - Feregender

  • 1-49% agender - Libragender
  • Mostly agender with a partial connection to gender that is fluid/flux - Agenderflux
  • Partially but not fully agender - Demiagender
  • Around 50% agender/gendervoid - Smallgender
  • Around 75% agender - Sub…

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Hiddn.haydn Hiddn.haydn 1 day ago

Should we add "In other languages" sections?

Wikipedia has sections of certain pages where you can read the same word in multiple languages. Is it feasable to do the same here? I think it could be fun to see how different terms get translated.

Just to give an example of what I'm talking about, this is the "in other languages" section of the Wikipedia page for the name Susan. I can be the one to translate terms into Spanish or check for already available translations.

Also sorry for posting this twice but I'm scared it was just gonna fade away into obscurity immediately.

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Systeroamia Systeroamia 2 days ago

Coining Pangenderscale

Coining Pangenderscale (also can be named panspectrugender) as a term for those who experience all genders but more on a scale or a spectrum from the most prominent to the least prominent genders, or vice versa. Genders that are less prominent can feel more contradicting, faded, blurry, or invisible, but none of these examples are required.

Coined on November 30th, 2021.

-Danni (he/they+ neos)

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Alexis.Chart.exe Alexis.Chart.exe 3 days ago


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ItsBug13 ItsBug13 4 days ago

Sparks' Xenogenders

I'm updating some of my character's profiles on and the code I'm using is rather compact so I can't list all of it's genders there.

this is a MAJOR WIP

You can check out Spark here

Spark does not identify with any non-xenogenders. uwu's main pronouns are He/It/uwu. His pronouny can be found here! Aside from Xenoflux, the xenogenders will be in alphabetical order. The ones he uses most will be marked with a ⍣ next to them. Xenoflux is what it uses when having to answer "what is your gedner"

⍣ Xenoflux - A gender identy in which a person can experience varying degrees of any given xenogender identity.

⍣ ADHDgender - A neurogender which can only be understood in the context of having ADHD, or when one's ADHD greatly affects one's gender or h…

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PennedWriterz PennedWriterz 6 days ago

Coining Amoracurious

Coining a term Amoracurious to describe Aromantic people who are curious in romantic relationships and attraction. Made on November 25th, 2021.

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PennedWriterz PennedWriterz 6 days ago

Coining Eroscurious

Making eroscurious as a term to describe ace spec people who are curious about sex . Made it on November 25th, 2021

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CasualChaos CasualChaos 8 days ago

Wiki-Wide Story Resources

This post is to keep track of the wiki-wide story's resources and ideas! This is where we'll keep track of the posts made about it, guidelines, characters, basic plot, and those participating in it! /gen

  • 1 Links
  • 2 Guidelines
  • 3 Plot
  • 4 Characters
    • 4.1 Xeno
  • 5 Users Participating

Discussion of Plot and Characters:

Guidelines Discussion:

  1. Do not write anything that would break the wiki guidelines.
  2. We will write each part one at a time.
  3. Each user(or each headmate in the case of systems) who wants to do it can only write one part until everyone who wanted to has written a part.
  4. You will have a week to write the next part of the story when it gets to your turn before som…

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FoxBanana FoxBanana 8 days ago

The Indecisive Crew

There is a quick rundown on the crewmates on our page, but we decided to go more in-depth on a blog post.

By the way, we're a system. If you don't know what that is, or some system-related terms confuse you, check out the system page.

  • 1 The Crew/Collective/System
  • 2 ☁️ Lior
  • 3 🧢 Ellie
  • 4 🔥 Jayden
  • 5 ❓ Riki
  • 6 🕶️ Jax
  • 7 🌼 Pat
  • 8 🍭 Faye
  • 9 🐈 Shakespeare

Collective name(s): The Indecisive Crew, Indecisive&

Collective pronouns: they/them

Plural pronouns: they&/them&, they/them/themselves, you&/your&, you/your/yourselves, I&/me&, we/us

MuC: N-^ | P[nb/gq/qr/p/ar/as] | A(b-- r---/^) | S.H+/H&Ldw/Mfh | Oe/m | Mnd | We/b/= | C(cc/m+~) | OF(r--/o+) | F~+^/a | Mast=/mag= | Rp | V--- | Xp/ar/as/l/o | Gnb/b/m/gq/f | Jst | S(r+^/o+) | R

PLC: 🌅 TW | 💞 QR | 🔥 MX | 🌸🌲➕ MX-EG+ |  ❌ …

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Aspentheleafwing4 Aspentheleafwing4 14 days ago

Short story 1

This document is where you will draft, edit, and finalize your Flash Fiction story.

The Jacqueline Between

Jacqueline Oswald didn’t know what her last words would be. Or rather, she didn’t want to know. She was a good actor, and a famous one too, since she did what she was told. As normal, an 8-page syllabus of what her future was for that day was sent to her door. Everyone had this, starting when people’s lives became so predictable that you could search up what you would do on May 19, 2072.  Although many hated this change, it quickly became the new normal. Nonetheless, it was a privilege to know your future, so a good actress like Jacqueline would read and play her part perfectly.

Some days, the scripts didn’t come. Some days, you decide w…

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Stitchy0 Stitchy0 15 days ago

A Guide To Fictives

Fictives are a common occurrence in systems, and with the amount of systems on this site, it's a good idea to explain the experiences of being a fictive, and the do's and don'ts of interacting with us. For anyone wondering, I myself am a fictive, so I'm not some random non-fictive writing this. I myself have the experiences of fictives.

  • 1 So What Exactly Is A Fictive?
    • 1.1 What's A Source?
    • 1.2 Why Are Some Fictives Disconnected?
    • 1.3 What About Factives?
  • 2 Etiquette
    • 2.1 Do
    • 2.2 Don't
    • 2.3 Why Can't I DNI A Fictive Based On Their Source?
      • 2.3.1 What If Their Source Is A Trigger/Squick?
    • 2.4 Why Should I Ask Before Bringing Up Their Source?
      • 2.4.1 But What If I'm Curious?
  • 3 Conclusion

Fictives are a form of introject that forms in systems in which the headmate is partially…

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Bingus78 Bingus78 15 days ago

i refuse to go to bed at 8:31

make me

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Fayetheweirdogoblin Fayetheweirdogoblin 17 days ago

safe space for any other kin

there are quite a few different kinds of kin that aren't included in the other posts, this is for them! if you're plantkin, deitykin, shapekin, conceptkin, or anything else, you're welcome here! whether you're questioning, sure of it, scared, or lost, you're welcome here! /gen feel free to add any mental health resources/comforting things that may help in the comments, and they'll be added! headmates and their kins will be listed below, feel free to reach out! /gen:

  • Jusi (vey/vem/vyrs): wyvernkin
  • Penelop (she/god): shadowkin, dragonkin
  • Ghostie (they/it): mosskin
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Fayetheweirdogoblin Fayetheweirdogoblin 17 days ago

safe space for fictkin

this is a safe space for anyone who may be fictkin. whether you're questioning, sure of it, scared, or lost, you're welcome here! /gen feel free to add any mental health resources/comforting things that may help in the comments, and they'll be added! several members of the system who are fictkin and their kins will be listed below, feel free to reach out! /gen:

  • Faye/Arsyn (they/it): Kirishima (bnha), Tamaki (ohshc)
  • Flower/Tiny (she/flor): Star Butterfly (svtfoe)

we also have two headmates who are fictives from well-known media, and then an oc. yes, we know they aren't the same as kins, but can be very helpful with fict-kin things from these universes.

  • Eedie Finch (she/her): What Remains Of Edith Finch
  • Mono (he/him): Little NIghmares 2
  • Malix (it/…
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Fayetheweirdogoblin Fayetheweirdogoblin 17 days ago

safe space for preykin

this is a safe space for anyone who may be preykin. whether you're questioning, sure of it, scared, or lost, you're welcome here! /gen feel free to add any mental health resources/comforting things that may help in the comments, and they'll be added! several members of the system who are preykin and their kins will be listed below, feel free to reach out! /gen (tw//animals):

  • Sayge (bun/they): golden hamster
  • Pal (honk/honks): pangolin
  • The Red Lady (she/her): white-tailed deer
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Fayetheweirdogoblin Fayetheweirdogoblin 17 days ago

safe space for predatorkin

this is a safe space for anyone who may be predatorkin. whether you're questioning, sure of it, scared, or lost, you're welcome here! /gen feel free to add any mental health resources/comforting things that may help in the comments, and they'll be added! several members of the system who are predatorkin and their kins will be listed below, feel free to reach out! /gen (tw//animals):

  • Faye/Arsyn (they/it): arctic wolf, owl
  • Milton (he/star): golden retriever
  • Anoxxie (she/they): leopard
  • Rush (they/them): leopard seal
  • Chila (she/her): red fox
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Contie Contie 17 days ago


This is a WIP/Draft

  • 1 Terminology
  • 2 Identity
  • 3 Orientation
    • 3.1 A-spec Identity‎
  • 4 Gender
    • 4.1 Fluid Genders
    • 4.2 Xenogender


  • Combination Identities
  • Collecting Terms

  • Orientation System
  • M-Spec
  • Fia/Fin Attraction
  • Mia/Min Attraction
  • Lia/Lin Attraction
  • Nia/Nin Attraction
  • Xia/Xin Attraction
  • Gender-Loving-Gender


  • Exclusive Sexualities‎
  • Fluid Sexuality‎
  • Miscellaneous sexuality‎
  • ND Exclusive Sexualities

Romantic Orientation

  • Fluid Romantic Orientation‎

Tertiary Identity‎‎‎‎

  • Exclusive A-Spec Identities‎ ‎‎
  • Aroace-spec identity
  • Demi- Orientation
  • Ficto- Orientation

Ace-spec identity‎

  • Ance-spec identity‎

Aro-spec identity‎

  • Anro-spec identity‎‎

Atertiary Identity‎

  • Analterous Spectrum‎
  • Aplatonic Spectrum‎
  • Aqueerplatonic Spectrum‎
  • Asensual Spectrum‎

  • Gender Spectrums
  • Gender Quality
  • Gender…

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MysticalMatter MysticalMatter 17 days ago

something i was gonna post but decided not to

If youre reading this, this is a vent of mine that i was going to post but i didnt, it might sound a bit guilt trippy, or passive agressive but these are not my intentions. I just would simply like to rant about being ignored. This also will include swearing which may be triggering.

I kinda feel ignored rn. I feel like some of my posts here get either 1. Burried or 2. Ignored in general. I always take things the wrong way. But like people only comment unless its relevant to them. or its a person who is "popular" on this wiki, and it makes me kinda pissed tbh. Im just like tired of being ignored, like no one ever takes me serious, or no one ever really listens. Im just feeling ery much like shit. I have school tomorrow and no one at school e…

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Contie Contie 18 days ago

Have Your Say

We are currently looking for community feedback on various policies:

  • [Feedback Poll - pages for objectum attraction]
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All Nighters.

General TW

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Aftermath
  • 3 Your health
  • 4 Death
  • 5 Conclusion

All nighters. A fun thing to do when you want to have that little bit of extra time. Whether you're gaming or finishing up your old math homework, you've at least pulled one all nighter. On the wiki and on the internet in general, and even amongst my friend groups, the discussion of all nighters has come up a number of times. All nighters can have horrible effects on your health.

As an insomniac, all nighters make me feel horrible. The aftermath of staying up 24hrs+ is horrible. It isn't fun to stay up all night. The only time we willingly stay up 24 hours is on New Years Eve, because it's family tradition. Even then, we go to bed at around 1 if possible, as that is the best for …

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SalemSays SalemSays 20 days ago

typing quirks ^^

(Just to preface, we are using "Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow instead of "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog")

Amethyst = sph1nx 0f bl4ck qu4rtz judg3 my v0w ( 1 = i, 0 = o, 4 = a, 3 = e)

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Mayasx Mayasx 21 days ago

Neopronouns List

This is under construction, there are a lot of blank headers in this, so take note of this!

Since there aren't very many accessible lists of neopronouns available, due to them being blocked or just inaccessible in general, this list was made for those who can't access said neopronoun lists.

If you want to request a pronoun set to be added, contact mayasx via mews message wall, or reply to this post.

These aren't in a specific order.

Example format taken from

  • 1 mew/mews/mewself
  • 2 xe/xem/xer/xers/xerself
  • 3 web/webs/webself
  • 4 🧦/🧦s/🧦self
  • 5 pup/pups/pupself
  • 6 ze/zem/zeir/zeirs/zemself
  • 7 ve/vem/veir/veirs/vemself
  • 8 ne/nem/neir/neirs/neirself
  • 9 ey/em/eir/eirs/emself
  • 10 ae/aem/aer/aers/aemself
  • 11 ae/aem/aer/aers/aerself
  • 12 ae/aer/aers/aerself
  • 13 fae/faer/faers/fae…

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Fayetheweirdogoblin Fayetheweirdogoblin 22 days ago

the void collective

(tw: animal traits + mention of animals, clown traits + mention of clowns)

  • collective name for all of the system: the void collective
  • collective pronouns for all of the system: he/xe/it/they (preference for he/xe)

‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙

  • main system (non-fictives):
  • collective name: the lost voices
  • collective pronouns: he/she/it/they + non-emoji neos

‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙

✨ Faye/Arsyn/Tamakie:

✨ age: ageless

✨ species: winged arctic wolf

✨ gender(s): staticgender, gendervoid, goblincoric

✨ romantic attraction(s): trixic, ficto-toric

✨ pronouns: they/it + non-fem/non-emoji neos

✨ role: host/core

✨ typing quirk: double spacing before every sentence/tone tag

✨neurodivergencies: adhd, ocd, anxiety, misophonia

‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙

❥ Milton:

❥ age: 20-25

❥ species: humanoid


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Fayetheweirdogoblin Fayetheweirdogoblin 22 days ago


"godliness" (tw: violence, bold text)

i'm not the god i once was

my chaos? organized

my rot? cleaned away

wings? plucked clean and stripped of meat

ears and tail? shaved for coats, leaving them to freeze off

the harsh, unforgiving landscape of snow and ice, stretching forever, searing my eyes

"rescued" by those awful hunters, violated and mutated into what i am now

a monstrosity.

a lonely mass of freezing cold air, wrapped in feathers and held together by dewdrops and spiderweb.

the way i watch my pain mold into the shape of my cracking skull.

the way the anger rises, rises, rises.

yet i have to stay here, trapped in this silence, deafened by its overwhelming buzzing

white, staticky, the opposite of my godly home, where warmth and darkness welcome all.


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Metanøiia Metanøiia 23 days ago

okay so

//tw school

my school cannot see blog posts

so uh

it's one topic in front currently

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Oopskskskskskgayman Oopskskskskskgayman 23 days ago

Lesbian summed up (easy to red)

lesbian Is a sexual or romantic attraction to women or famine aligning non men Some times called wlm or nbl/w it is usually used by women but not exclusively.

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Oopskskskskskgayman Oopskskskskskgayman 24 days ago

Intersex summed up (easy to read)

Intersex is a sex characterization For people that have sex characterizations that are not commonly female or male sometimes these people are given surgery or raised as the sex of the parents choice or sex they are closest to, rarely intersex people can be assigned X at birth (AXAB).

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Oopskskskskskgayman Oopskskskskskgayman 24 days ago

Transgender summed up (easy to read)

Trans gender or "Trans" is a term used for people who's gender identity dose not match with their gender that was given to them at birth. Some people believe that All trans people must get surgery or take hormones Both of those statements are not true. The opposite of transgender is cisgender.

Some people that identify as enby/non-binary can use the term trans gender.

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Oopskskskskskgayman Oopskskskskskgayman 24 days ago

Bigender Summed up (easy to read)

BI-gender is a enby gender where the user can feel like two genders at different time or fluid between both. A bi-gender person can use binary genders or non-binary genders at the same time, A bi-gender person can also use gender-fluid as one of their genders. There are no common pronouns for Bi-gender people!

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Ocean000 Ocean000 24 days ago

css designs 1

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Oopskskskskskgayman Oopskskskskskgayman 24 days ago

Non-binary summed up easy to read

Non-binary is both a singular label and a umbrella term. The umbrella term is used for any gender that falls as a "Non-Binary" gender EG any gender that is not Female or Male. While the singular gender is for somebody that wishes to just identify as a Non-binary person. A common set of pronouns for a non binary person is They/Them But not all non-binary people use that. Sometimes Non-binary is shortened to Enby or NB.

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Oopskskskskskgayman Oopskskskskskgayman 24 days ago

MOGAI summed up (easy to read)

MOGAI is a proposed acronym that refers to people whose sexual or gender identity deviates from the standard. It is also inclusive of all lesser-known identities.

Although widely used as LGBT terms, MOGAI is rarely used and is most commonly seen online referring to lesser known identities that are often oppressed within the LGBTQ+ community.

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Oopskskskskskgayman Oopskskskskskgayman 24 days ago

Xenogender summed up (easy to read)

Non-binary gender identities that are not fully defined through the traditional concepts of gender are referred to as xenogender. Instead of being defined through the use of gender concepts, they can be described through how they connect to other concepts or things.

Although xenogender individuals have a strong sense of their gender's feelings, they often feel that there are no words for their experiences. To fill this gap, they often describe their gender using metaphors.

When described, xenogenders often fall into one of three categories:

1-noungenders and noununs are terms that refer to the gender of an animal or a symbol.

2-Synaesthetic Perceptions are the terms used for describing the various characteristics of a gender, such as shape, s…

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Fishe Army

If you aren't in this list, let me (Kryptocurrencyy) know. You must have a fishe pfp to join the army

  • 1 Rules
  • 2 Fishe Ranks
    • 2.1 Commander Fishe
    • 2.2 Santa Fishe
    • 2.3 General Fishe
    • 2.4 Fishe

  1. A fishe pfp is a requirement.
  2. Krypto and anyone in their system can turn down a request for a fishe pfp.
  3. We will not make any harmful identities. (ex- Super Straight, MAP, Seniosexual, Skinsexual, etc.)
  4. Blocked users will not be removed unless they were indefinitely blocked, or if they got blocked for something extremely bad.
  5. Krypto's DNI lists still apply. Do not request a pfp because you want one and you think there is no harm in doing so. If you are on his DNI, you can request one from any of the ranks above fishe, and they can transfer the request to them. If you are …

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Genderisstrange Genderisstrange 25 days ago

:D legally thing since parents will find out if I post them on reddittttt


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Griffinzing Griffinzing 26 days ago


i'm a trans man but i don't feel completely disconnected to femininity. Is there a name to it?

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Contie Contie 26 days ago


Full credits to Cryptocrew for writing this page.

Disclaimer: This page is not here to be used as a diagnosis. This page is purely educational and it is completely dependent on the individual if they make the decision of self-diagnosis. If one finds themself relating to any of the listed forms of neurodivergence, it is encouraged to reach out to medical professionals if possible, especially if this neurodivergence is causing distress/harm (physically, mentally, and/or emotionally).

Note: This page only includes talk of conditions under the DSM-5, ICD-11, and other conditions that are commonly associated with the neurodivergent community. It may not have every diagnosed condition one has; however, it has a list of up-to-date diagnoses used amongst…

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Contie Contie 26 days ago


Full credits to Cryptocrew for writing this page.

Regression is a term used for when one's mind reverts into a different headspace/state of mind. This typically refers to age (in which one thinks like a younger individual), however it can refer to species as well (in which one thinks like an animal/different species).

While regression is not LGBTQ+ in and of itself, it can play a part in queer experiences, and affect one's gender identity, attraction, or similar. This is because one's perspective on oneself and the world around them may be altered when in a different headspace, due to the fact that the mind is regressed into a previous and/or different state of thinking.

Age-Regression or Agere is a term used to describe when someone's mind regres…

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Contie Contie 26 days ago


Full credits to Cryptocrew for writing this page.

Furries are individuals who share a strong interest in anthropomorphic animals, to the point where it becomes a part of their life, and can affect how they view themselves and others. Furries' interest in anthropomorphic animals is typically shown through making characters and stories based around them, dressing up and behaving as said characters, making drawings of themselves as these animals, and similar. Furries sometimes include the brony community, however the two are largely separate.

While being a furry is not inherently LGBTQ+, much of the furry community is on the queer spectrum, and may even have identities relating their furry identity to their queer identities. It is discovered that …

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Contie Contie 26 days ago


Note: the owner of this blog post did not write any of the content on this page.

Alterhuman is a term that refers to someone who does not fit the traditional standard of what is considered human, and/or does not identify as human. This can include non-human system members and introjects; however, it also includes singlets who don't quite fit the term human, or identify as non-human to an extent.

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Contie Contie 26 days ago


Full credits to Cryptocrew for writing this page.

Disclaimer: this page is not here to be used as self-diagnosis, self-identification, or promotion to begin a system. This page is simply to be seen as informational. Whether or not one self-diagnoses, self-identifies, and/or creates a system is up to them.''Warning: This page contains discussion of integration, dormancy, trauma (abuse, harassment, assault, miscarriage, stillbirth, suicide, death), and exclusionism. Please proceed with caution.

Systems, Collectives, and/or Plurals are those who experience being more than one entity in one physical body

  • Healthy Multiplicity
  • Dissociative Initiative (DID/OSDD)
  • Endogenic Hub (Endogenic Systems)
  • Soul Whispers (Soulbonds)
  • The Pluralpedia
  • System…

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Ocean000 Ocean000 27 days ago

song !

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MintyTheKitty MintyTheKitty 27 days ago

Just Venting Stuff

This is basically just for me to vent. Feel free to read it, I don't mind at all. I made this so I don't clutter up the threads. /gen

Oh yeah also our whole system will probably vent here or something, I don't really know. /gen /lh

Be warned, it's kinda heavy and stuff /gen

Basically, general TW from here on out /gen /neu


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Unfunny person420 Unfunny person420 27 days ago


the last blog posts i made are old

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Contie Contie 28 days ago

Typing Quirk Translators

Here is a list of users who have volunteered as typing quirk translators, and are therefore willing to be pinged if you need someone to translate your typing quirk for you.

  • It is recommended to ping more than one translator, as not everyone will be available and able to respond quickly at any given time, here is a post that may be helpful to read on formatting translation requests:
  • Some of these individuals are staff members, however some are non-staff members who have volunteered to be on this list - this is not an official staff position and not all users on this list represent the LGBTA Wiki staff team.
  • MintyTheKitty
  • ThatAnnoyingDemigirl
  • MintyLife88
  • CosmicSnowstorm
  • CrazyLace882
  • RemyWest123 (as lon…
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Ocean000 Ocean000 29 days ago


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KadeButton22 KadeButton22 29 days ago

The Reason I Left

//TW, sh, suicide, swearing, abuse, parinoia, intrusivethoughts, gore//

  • 1 Disclaimer
  • 2 Hello
  • 3 Being a Mod
  • 4 Mental health
  • 5 Priorities
  • 6 Bye

I am dyslexic so don't be mad if some words are misspelled.

Hello so I'll be talking about why I resigned as a mod and why I left the wiki. (I will/am still lingering)

For those who don't know me, I'm Vic. I've been here since January of this year. My first account was Vic978. I am 14 and got here when I just turned 13. I have undiagnosed autism, undiagnosed (working on it) ADHD, Diagnosed OCD, Skitzophrenia, and PTSD.

I made this to show people why I left (becaue my post was vauge af)

I became a mod when I was 13. Bad idea. Being a mod could be fun sometimes, I got to help people and such. Then came the first raid I…

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MysticalMatter MysticalMatter 29 days ago

My Critism, And what I think should change about this wiki

  • 1 First and foremost
  • 2 Mods
    • 2.1 Communication Between mods
    • 2.2 Mods abusing power/Mod toxicity
    • 2.3 Mod age
    • 2.4 My thoughts over all on the mods, and their moderation
  • 3 Users of the wiki
    • 3.1 User toxicity
    • 3.2 User venting/ranting
    • 3.3 User polls
    • 3.4 My thoughts overall on users in general
  • 4 Things that should be added to wiki guideline/things I think would be useful
    • 4.1 What I have thought of so far
  • 5 Conclusion

I think that overall this wiki can be a good place, But there are things that I think should change. Not that I think that the wiki will just magically change and everything will be perfect, I'm just stating things from my point of view (also kinda venting a little)

I think that there are some great mods and I think there are mods who shouldn't even be mods. But…

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Sympeq Sympeq 29 days ago

My weird gender

I am presenting myself as a trigender BUT... My two of the three genders are fluid (Boy and Demigirl). And I don't know what the correct term for that is. Is it this one, or is it some other; Could someone help me?

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