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24horigane 24horigane 2 seconds ago

Question: Which picrew is this from?

I just wanna know. If anyone knows, please give me the link

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RainyySundayss9 RainyySundayss9 2 hours ago

Color Changing Username ^^ (credit if used please)


@keyframes RainbowAnimation {

    0% {Color: Red; Font: Cursive;}

    10% {Color: Orange; Font: Cursive;}

    20% {Color: Yellow; Font: Cursive;}

    30% {Color: Lime; Font: Cursive;}

    40% {Color: Green; Font: Cursive;}

    50% {Color: Teal; Font: Cursive;}

    60% {Color: Blue; Font: Cursive;}

    70% {Color: Indigo; Font: Cursive;}

    80% {Color: Purple; Font: Cursive;}

    90% {Color: Magenta; Font: Cursive;}

    100% {Color: Pink; Font: Cursive;}



a[href$="/RainyySundayss9"] {


 animation-duration: 5s;


 animation-iteration-count: infinite;



@keyframes RainbowAnimation {

    0% {Color: Red; Font: Cursive;}

    10% {Color: Orange; Font: Cursive;}


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RainyySundayss9 RainyySundayss9 2 hours ago

About Page Code.

TW; bold text

(Click for full image)

Btw this is for before the fandom deletion

Credit to @/-raining-stardust for some of the code / the about page outline

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Aspentheleafwing4 Aspentheleafwing4 3 hours ago

Collection of labels






Femboy gender.-Femboygender is when one has a main masculine gender, however they feel as though feminine presentation and concepts best define one or all of their genders.  



Deathcute - Deathcute is a xenogender that feels like death, darkness, horror, and monsters; but in a wholesome way that is also endearing, comforting, beautiful, and whimsical. "Scary" things feel like home. It may also be considered outherine, kenochoric, and/or praegender.


Neptunian -gender-a gender linked to the void and to a soft, celestial, masculine energy.

annulian-Annulian is a non-binary gender ali…

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Jak-o the pirate Jak-o the pirate 12 hours ago

this is stupid

they are merging the lgbtqa+ (sorry for no caps it is just faster)

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Sannse Sannse 1 day ago

A new combined wiki


Fandom is a place for all fans and we want to ensure everyone feels welcome and represented. Last year, we published a LGBTQIA+ resources page and Gender Identity Guidelines to provide relevant content and guidance in the sexuality and gender identity space. As we continue to improve our LGBTQIA+ efforts at Fandom, we realize there is a need to have a well-sourced, safe resource for the deeper world of LGBTQIA+ topics beyond what we have already published.

We are excited to introduce LGBTQIA+, a new wiki community that will serve as the home for all information about sexuality and gender identity. This will be a consolidated version of the former wiki pages and at launch will include just the main articles needed to help people who ar…

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BalenciagaDollzz BalenciagaDollzz 1 day ago


Vent #1: Do not call me a tw!nk.

TW: tiktok, gender dysphoria, self harm, misgendering, tiktok, sexual mention

I hate it when people on tiktok call me a tw!nk..I am a transfem. Tw!nk is a gendered term meaning "skinny gay/queer man" and me getting called a tw!nk makes me want to cut myself. My gender dysphoria goes really bad. I am not a man. I may be skinny, but I am 100% not a man. By calling me a tw!nk, you basically misgendered me. Also, the word is a s*xual term...

tone: a bit angry

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BalenciagaDollzz BalenciagaDollzz 1 day ago

rules on vent blogs (for me)

  1. please don't comment on my vent blogs if you're gonna be rude about it
  2. if you're someone that doesn't wanna interact with me or an individual that I don't want to interact with, please don't read my vent blogs.
  3. if you want to reply to a vent blog, please ask for permission.
  4. please don't try to fight me on my vent blogs, and please don't trauma dump.
  5. the reason why I do vent blogs is because I usually want to keep everything to myself. I'd probably sound like a guilt-tripper or an attention seeker if I vent on the discussion and I don't want you guys to perceive me as one.

tones: serious, not mad nor passive aggressive

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FruitySystem FruitySystem 5 days ago

FruitySystem's Coined Terms Masterlist

This is a list of all our terms! This is basically a "to-do" list for us, but can also be used for others to find a specific term of ours!




































Selkiepronominal (Working on page)

Panselkiepronominal (Working on page)


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Lightlozabow Lightlozabow 5 days ago

Fuzzymonstergender Coining (eyestrain warning)

My little Kari has been super interested in xenogenders recently, so I made this term specifically from them. They wanted a gender that was "like a monster but a nice and fuzzy monster. Not a meanie-beanie monster." So, I coined the term Fuzzymonstergender for them. It is related to Monstergender, but a more specific and static identity. The flag I made to go with it is based on a Minecraft OC I made many years ago called Fluzzy monster.

Note: We made the page before this blog post because we kinda forgot about the fact that this is necessary. Sorry (/gen)

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Lightlozabow Lightlozabow 7 days ago

Solunamoric Alignment System Flags

A little context for this: I recently discovered a page detailing the Solunamoric Alignment System while I was helping with dead-end pages. I found the ideas very interesting and I decided I wanted to try and make flags for all of the terms included on the page. I think most turned out pretty well, but I'm not too sure about the clouded versions. I would love feedback on them!

All the flags have some similar design elements, so I'll explain those here. The top of the flag has a grayscale color meant to match the time of day the term is named after. Each flag has yellow as the second stripe and green as the last stripe, used to represent xenogender and xenic people, as that who the original creator designed these terms for (although xe states …

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RainyySundayss9 RainyySundayss9 8 days ago

New Tone—Tags I use ^^

/sf means slightly frustrated

/vf means very frustrated

/sn means slightly nervous

/vn means very nervous

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PennedWriterz PennedWriterz 9 days ago

Coining Affectual

So I'll be making Affectual as a counterpart to Adfectual. Mainly because I'm unsure if my neurodivergence is the reason for my attraction and I want an alternative to Modosexual because while Modosexual is close, it describes constant fluidity which isn't what I have: Here's the definition "Affectual is an attractional orientation where attraction is dependent on ones state of mind and can shift in a given situation. Affectuals may also experience fluctuating sexual acceptability or repulsion. This can apply to any orientation or all forms of orientation. Affectual is similar to Adfectual, however one does not have to have a mood disorder or personality disorder to be Affectual, while they do have to be a trauma survivor or neurodivergent…

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Bunnybear71582 Bunnybear71582 14 days ago

gender hoard


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Vixy the cat Vixy the cat 14 days ago


Catmochigender is a type of aesthetigender, kawaiicoric, cutegender, xenogender and fidgetgender. This gender is related to the fidget Mochi/Cat.

Catmochiboy and girl pride flags]]

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Lonely Dinosaur Lonely Dinosaur 15 days ago

Pronouns and names tester

It's a website program which allow you to test as many names and pronouns as you want.

  • 1 Source code
  • 2 How to use it
  • 3 How to personalize testing sentences

    Pronouns and Names Tester

    function shuffle(array){

        let index = Math.floor(Math.random() * array.length);

        let string = array[0];

        array[0] = array[index];

        array[index] = string;


    function upperCase(string){

        return string.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + string.slice(1);


    function testResults(form){

        let name =;

        let subjectPronoun = form.subjectPronoun.value;

        let objectPronoun = form.objectPronoun.value;

        let possesiveDeterminer = form.possesiveDeterminer.value;

        let possesivePronoun = form.possesiveP…

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Reagannnnnnn Reagannnnnnn 15 days ago

Alterhuman Identity

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0rchi3 0rchi3 17 days ago

why are you here

roast i made up because im just that cool

✨im sorry can you repeat that? i lost my hearing the moment you started talking.✨

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Karma8693439 Karma8693439 18 days ago

finally made my account better

probably nobody will see this but yeah hi

i actually added stuff to my account and stuff

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Vixy the cat Vixy the cat 18 days ago


Vendosexual is a sexuality related to Heterosexuality. It's basically Heterosexual, but attracted to Intersex people.




Non binary

Basically, any gender.

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Froppy69Aquarius Froppy69Aquarius 28 December 2021


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Insert 20+ usernames 185 Insert 20+ usernames 185 22 December 2021

Testy test thing

Testing testing 123

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Aspentheleafwing4 Aspentheleafwing4 22 December 2021

Test code

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Kennifox Kennifox 21 December 2021


Loomigender is when one partically identify as many genders and only fully identify as 1-5, not to be confused with demigender. This gender is just like a loom bracelet or necklace, it goes round and round unless you cut it.

This was coined by FANDOM user, Kennifox on December 21 2021.

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Hiddn.haydn Hiddn.haydn 16 December 2021

I Still Need Help (Ayuda)

The project of a Spanish speaking LGBTA wiki isn't going great. I've been following suggestions but the interest doesn't seem to stick in other people. I do want to make it engaging enough that people want to stay, but I need help from someone who believes we can do this. Iknow projects like these have been attemptedbefore, I'm sure there's a way we can make it last this time.

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Enimo2112 Enimo2112 12 December 2021

Is there a term for this?

[TW for: mention of sexual stuff and intrusive thoughts] I identify as aromantic/asexual, but I have OCD which gives me sexually explicit intrusive thoughts. Usually I would just ignore them. But recently the intrusive thoughts have started to actually arouse me even though they're still intrusive... The lines are blurred for me on what the difference between unwanted thoughts/urges are from my OCD or what is actual libido. I don't think I have an actual libido, but my OCD has fabricated a false one that it uses to torture me. It's getting out of control. I also have sexual compulsions too, such as: forcing myself to imagine the ENTIRE thought, like the thought goes on for minutes straight and my brain doesn't let me move on.. I don't know…

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Systeroamia Systeroamia 10 December 2021

Question Regarding S/xual Relationships

TW for mentions of s/x (e) and BDSM

Would it be considered a sexual relationship if there's sexual tension but without any s/x? For example, if aspects of BDSM were into play and the goal was to get them to... that point (but not through s/x whatsoever - also I am so sorry), would that be a sexual relaltionship? Or is there a better term?

So sorry if this seemed personal or tmi, but I'm just really confused at this point. I'm thinking of coining something like fetiship / kinkship / or something simlilar if there isn't anything and if it's appropriate.

- Danni (he/they+ neos)

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PennedWriterz PennedWriterz 7 December 2021

Counting "Cyclesexual"

Cyclesexual: A bisexual or multisexual exclusive term and identity referring to bisexuals with sexual fluidity who are not always bisexual, but not enough to be considered abrosexual. Their romantic or sexual orientation may switch or go in different cycles or fluctuate in intensity as well. The person may switch from bisexual, to heteroflexible, Homoflexible, straight, gay or even asexual. They experience their bisexuality as a spectrum in terms of attraction and orientation.

During this time, a bisexual may have little or no attraction to the other sex and may at the current moment be monosexual or they be flexible or even ace-spec . It is experiencing ones sexuality in levels and they go throughout the spectrum.

One can be cyclesexual an…

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LittleAwesomeApple LittleAwesomeApple 6 December 2021

Need more help deciding the genders and pronouns of some characters in a show I am working on

Here is the cast

Suggestions would be very helpful.

Only rules:

  1. Do not add or remove characters
  2. Do not change the genders and pronouns that are already there

Discussions version

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Lesbian Bakugou Lesbian Bakugou 3 December 2021

I'm unoriginal, so, how similar are we?

(credit to theashsystem)

feel free to answer the below or just put a number out of 20!

  1. System
  2. Endogenic
  3. 18 years old
  4. Mspec lesbian and/or gay
  5. Gaybian
  6. Transmasculine
  7. Genderfluid
  8. Has a girlfriend
  9. Has a child
  10. Neurodivergent/diverse
  11. Has had top surgery
  12. Bi
  13. Aroace
  14. Neopronoun user
  15. Xenogender user
  16. Term and/or flag coiner
  17. Joined FANDOM within the past few weeks
  18. Lesboy and/or turigirl
  19. Butch
  20. Bear
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Aspentheleafwing4 Aspentheleafwing4 2 December 2021

My innerworld (s)

It's a white tiled room with a single drawing table that goes on forever. In the middle, there is a door. The door leads to the bedroom. Everyone can access this innerworld, but some prefer not to.

it is a giant forest with a cabin in asunny clearing in the middle. The cabin interior is not known. Only Ophelia, winter, juniper, and aster can access this innerworld.

only lilin can access this one. It is a huge neon metropolis with no people inside.

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Contie Contie 1 December 2021

Partial Genders

  • 1 General terms
  • 2 Percentage ranges of gender
  • 3 Exact percentages of gender
  • 4 Genderless base

  • One is partially, but not fully, a given gender - Demigender
  • The "smallest addressable element" in an overall gender experience - Pixelgender
  • One's experience of a gender is "small but intense" - Hypogender
  • One is mostly one gender and slightly another gender(s) - Magigender

  • -101--500% - Espressian
  • 1-49% - Themisgender
  • 50-99% - Paragender
  • 90-99% - -Near
  • Over 100% - Hypergender

  • 25% - Quartergender
  • 50% - Hemigender
  • 75% - Dodransgender
  • 99% - Feregender

  • 1-49% agender - Libragender
  • Mostly agender with a partial connection to gender that is fluid/flux - Agenderflux
  • Partially but not fully agender - Demiagender
  • Around 50% agender/gendervoid - Smallgender
  • Around 75% agender - Sub…

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Hiddn.haydn Hiddn.haydn 30 November 2021

Should we add "In other languages" sections?

Wikipedia has sections of certain pages where you can read the same word in multiple languages. Is it feasable to do the same here? I think it could be fun to see how different terms get translated.

Just to give an example of what I'm talking about, this is the "in other languages" section of the Wikipedia page for the name Susan. I can be the one to translate terms into Spanish or check for already available translations.

Also sorry for posting this twice but I'm scared it was just gonna fade away into obscurity immediately.

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Systeroamia Systeroamia 30 November 2021

Coining Pangenderscale

Coining Pangenderscale (also can be named panspectrugender) as a term for those who experience all genders but more on a scale or a spectrum from the most prominent to the least prominent genders, or vice versa. Genders that are less prominent can feel more contradicting, faded, blurry, or invisible, but none of these examples are required.

Coined on November 30th, 2021.

-Danni (he/they+ neos)

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Alexis.Chart.exe Alexis.Chart.exe 29 November 2021


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ItsBug13 ItsBug13 28 November 2021

Sparks' Xenogenders

I'm updating some of my character's profiles on and the code I'm using is rather compact so I can't list all of it's genders there.

this is a MAJOR WIP

You can check out Spark here

Spark does not identify with any non-xenogenders. uwu's main pronouns are He/It/uwu. His pronouny can be found here! Aside from Xenoflux, the xenogenders will be in alphabetical order. The ones he uses most will be marked with a ⍣ next to them. Xenoflux is what it uses when having to answer "what is your gedner"

⍣ Xenoflux - A gender identy in which a person can experience varying degrees of any given xenogender identity.

⍣ ADHDgender - A neurogender which can only be understood in the context of having ADHD, or when one's ADHD greatly affects one's gender or h…

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PennedWriterz PennedWriterz 26 November 2021

Coining Amoracurious

Coining a term Amoracurious to describe Aromantic people who are curious in romantic relationships and attraction. Made on November 25th, 2021.

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PennedWriterz PennedWriterz 26 November 2021

Coining Eroscurious

Making eroscurious as a term to describe ace spec people who are curious about sex . Made it on November 25th, 2021

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CasualChaos CasualChaos 24 November 2021

Wiki-Wide Story Resources

This post is to keep track of the wiki-wide story's resources and ideas! This is where we'll keep track of the posts made about it, guidelines, characters, basic plot, and those participating in it! /gen

  • 1 Links
  • 2 Guidelines
  • 3 Plot
  • 4 Characters
    • 4.1 Xeno
  • 5 Users Participating

Discussion of Plot and Characters:

Guidelines Discussion:

  1. Do not write anything that would break the wiki guidelines.
  2. We will write each part one at a time.
  3. Each user(or each headmate in the case of systems) who wants to do it can only write one part until everyone who wanted to has written a part.
  4. You will have a week to write the next part of the story when it gets to your turn before som…

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FoxBanana FoxBanana 24 November 2021

The Indecisive Crew

There is a quick rundown on the crewmates on our page, but we decided to go more in-depth on a blog post.

By the way, we're a system. If you don't know what that is, or some system-related terms confuse you, check out the system page.

  • 1 The Crew
  • 2 ☁️ Lior
  • 3 🧢 Ellie
  • 4 🔥 Jayden
  • 5 ❓ Riki
  • 6 🕶️ Big Jax
  • 7 👓 Little Jax
  • 8 🍭 Faye
  • 9 👗 Jack(ie)
  • 10 🦯 Charlie
  • 11 🐸 King
  • 12 🐈 Shakespeare

Collective name(s): The Indecisive Crew, Indecisive&

Collective pronouns: they/them

Plural pronouns: they&/them&, they/them/themselves, you&/your&, you/your/yourselves, I&/me&, we/us, we&/us&

MuC: N^ | P[nb/gq/qr/p/ar/as] | A(b-- r---/^) | S.H+/H&Ldw/Pf/Mfh | Oe/m | Mnd | Wf/e/= | C(cc/m++) | OF(r--/o+) | F~+^/a | Mast=/mag= | Rp | V--- | Xp/ar/as/l/o | Gnb/b/m/gq/f | Jst | S(r+^/o+) | R!

PLC: 🌄 TH |…

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Aspentheleafwing4 Aspentheleafwing4 18 November 2021

Short story 1

This document is where you will draft, edit, and finalize your Flash Fiction story.

The Jacqueline Between

Jacqueline Oswald didn’t know what her last words would be. Or rather, she didn’t want to know. She was a good actor, and a famous one too, since she did what she was told. As normal, an 8-page syllabus of what her future was for that day was sent to her door. Everyone had this, starting when people’s lives became so predictable that you could search up what you would do on May 19, 2072.  Although many hated this change, it quickly became the new normal. Nonetheless, it was a privilege to know your future, so a good actress like Jacqueline would read and play her part perfectly.

Some days, the scripts didn’t come. Some days, you decide w…

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Stitchy0 Stitchy0 17 November 2021

A Guide To Fictives

Fictives are a common occurrence in systems, and with the amount of systems on this site, it's a good idea to explain the experiences of being a fictive, and the do's and don'ts of interacting with us. For anyone wondering, I myself am a fictive, so I'm not some random non-fictive writing this. I myself have the experiences of fictives.

  • 1 So What Exactly Is A Fictive?
    • 1.1 What's A Source?
    • 1.2 Why Are Some Fictives Disconnected?
    • 1.3 What About Factives?
  • 2 Etiquette
    • 2.1 Do
    • 2.2 Don't
    • 2.3 Why Can't I DNI A Fictive Based On Their Source?
      • 2.3.1 What If Their Source Is A Trigger/Squick?
    • 2.4 Why Should I Ask Before Bringing Up Their Source?
      • 2.4.1 But What If I'm Curious?
  • 3 Conclusion

Fictives are a form of introject that forms in systems in which the headmate is partially…

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Bingus78 Bingus78 17 November 2021

i refuse to go to bed at 8:31

make me

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Fayetheweirdogoblin Fayetheweirdogoblin 15 November 2021

safe space for any other kin

there are quite a few different kinds of kin that aren't included in the other posts, this is for them! if you're plantkin, deitykin, shapekin, conceptkin, or anything else, you're welcome here! whether you're questioning, sure of it, scared, or lost, you're welcome here! /gen feel free to add any mental health resources/comforting things that may help in the comments, and they'll be added! headmates and their kins will be listed below, feel free to reach out! /gen:

  • Jusi (vey/vem/vyrs): wyvernkin
  • Penelop (she/god): shadowkin, dragonkin
  • Ghostie (they/it): mosskin
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Fayetheweirdogoblin Fayetheweirdogoblin 15 November 2021

safe space for fictkin

this is a safe space for anyone who may be fictkin. whether you're questioning, sure of it, scared, or lost, you're welcome here! /gen feel free to add any mental health resources/comforting things that may help in the comments, and they'll be added! several members of the system who are fictkin and their kins will be listed below, feel free to reach out! /gen:

  • Faye/Arsyn (they/it): Kirishima (bnha), Tamaki (ohshc)
  • Flower/Tiny (she/flor): Star Butterfly (svtfoe)

we also have two headmates who are fictives from well-known media, and then an oc. yes, we know they aren't the same as kins, but can be very helpful with fict-kin things from these universes.

  • Eedie Finch (she/her): What Remains Of Edith Finch
  • Mono (he/him): Little NIghmares 2
  • Malix (it/…
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Fayetheweirdogoblin Fayetheweirdogoblin 15 November 2021

safe space for preykin

this is a safe space for anyone who may be preykin. whether you're questioning, sure of it, scared, or lost, you're welcome here! /gen feel free to add any mental health resources/comforting things that may help in the comments, and they'll be added! several members of the system who are preykin and their kins will be listed below, feel free to reach out! /gen (tw//animals):

  • Sayge (bun/they): golden hamster
  • Pal (honk/honks): pangolin
  • The Red Lady (she/her): white-tailed deer
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Fayetheweirdogoblin Fayetheweirdogoblin 15 November 2021

safe space for predatorkin

this is a safe space for anyone who may be predatorkin. whether you're questioning, sure of it, scared, or lost, you're welcome here! /gen feel free to add any mental health resources/comforting things that may help in the comments, and they'll be added! several members of the system who are predatorkin and their kins will be listed below, feel free to reach out! /gen (tw//animals):

  • Faye/Arsyn (they/it): arctic wolf, owl
  • Milton (he/star): golden retriever
  • Anoxxie (she/they): leopard
  • Rush (they/them): leopard seal
  • Chila (she/her): red fox
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Contie Contie 15 November 2021


This is a WIP/Draft

  • 1 Terminology
  • 2 Identity
  • 3 Orientation
    • 3.1 A-spec Identity‎
  • 4 Gender
    • 4.1 Fluid Genders
    • 4.2 Xenogender


  • Combination Identities
  • Collecting Terms

  • Orientation System
  • M-Spec
  • Fia/Fin Attraction
  • Mia/Min Attraction
  • Lia/Lin Attraction
  • Nia/Nin Attraction
  • Xia/Xin Attraction
  • Gender-Loving-Gender


  • Exclusive Sexualities‎
  • Fluid Sexuality‎
  • Miscellaneous sexuality‎
  • ND Exclusive Sexualities

Romantic Orientation

  • Fluid Romantic Orientation‎

Tertiary Identity‎‎‎‎

  • Exclusive A-Spec Identities‎ ‎‎
  • Aroace-spec identity
  • Demi- Orientation
  • Ficto- Orientation

Ace-spec identity‎

  • Ance-spec identity‎

Aro-spec identity‎

  • Anro-spec identity‎‎

Atertiary Identity‎

  • Analterous Spectrum‎
  • Aplatonic Spectrum‎
  • Aqueerplatonic Spectrum‎
  • Asensual Spectrum‎

  • Gender Spectrums
  • Gender Quality
  • Gender…

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MysticalMatter MysticalMatter 15 November 2021

something i was gonna post but decided not to

If youre reading this, this is a vent of mine that i was going to post but i didnt, it might sound a bit guilt trippy, or passive agressive but these are not my intentions. I just would simply like to rant about being ignored. This also will include swearing which may be triggering.

I kinda feel ignored rn. I feel like some of my posts here get either 1. Burried or 2. Ignored in general. I always take things the wrong way. But like people only comment unless its relevant to them. or its a person who is "popular" on this wiki, and it makes me kinda pissed tbh. Im just like tired of being ignored, like no one ever takes me serious, or no one ever really listens. Im just feeling ery much like shit. I have school tomorrow and no one at school e…

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