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IHaveAnxietyYay IHaveAnxietyYay 19 May


Anti-xenogender people tend to say shoit like “you can’t just invent a gender”, and I’ve never understood that.

someone came up with the genders female and male and you don’t hate them for that?

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GarlicBread68 GarlicBread68 18 May

Oh wow

A blog

Whats even the point of this-

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Enbyonion Enbyonion 18 May

Coming out to people

wondering if anyone has any advise for coming out to people at school? most of my close friends know but i need to tell everyone else. any ideas?

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Isshtarr Isshtarr 17 May

follow my tumblr lmao


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Mycosst Mycosst 16 May

Making Userboxes!

making these, just comment if u want one

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Mondayuki Mondayuki 16 May

Coming out of the closet to my mom,,,

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blog pog

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Autumnstardust Autumnstardust 15 May

A history of what i've identified as

So it started in 2018, I joined picsart and started to get some friends who were apart of the community, it was there I realized I had never seen a man I was attracted to. I identified as a lesbian. A few months later I started identifying as a bisexual transman because I didn't know identities out side of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans (but only transmen and transwomen, i didn't know about nonbinary identities yet.) so for awhile I questioned, being fully male didn't feel right and bisexual didn't seem right either.. So after one of my friends came out as pansexual and told me what it meant and told me about genders outside of man and woman. I was slightly confused with nonbinary genders but since bisexual didn't fit, and i knew i wasn't j…

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Reign's Coining Guide

Howdy hur, my name's Reign and one of my favorite things to do is coin MOGAI terms and flags, so I'm going to walk you through the process of coining a term, because it's more than just putting a word together. First, let's talk about what goes into each and every MOGAI term.

  • 1 FAQs
  • 2 Step 1: Figuring out the Definition
  • 3 Step 2: Confirming Availability
    • 3.1 MOGAI Sources to Check-
  • 4 Step 3: Etymology Time
  • 5 Step 4: Coining Time!

  1. Q: Do I have to ask to coin a term?
    1. A: Nope!
  2. Do I have to identify with the term I'm thinking of coining?
    1. A: Nope again! You just need to understand enough about it, and if it's a gender like a culturally exclusive gender or a neurogender, you need to be a member of said culture or have said neurodivergency to make the term, but y…

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Xzmzu Xzmzu 14 May

What do I do..?

TW** homoPh*bia

Ever since I, well, was forced to come out, I've been feeling depressed.

I have nobody to vent out to. About how I feel, about what's been going on at home, the extreme amounts of homophobia and trauma my parents have brought onto me is insane.

They've even said if I still "Wanted to be a boy", I'd get kicked out of the house.

I don't understand.. Why couldn't they just accept me?

Why did they accept my friends, but not me? Why?

I'm fcking traumatized.

They're acting like all of this never happend, like we're all picture-perfect.

I feel like the only people in this world who can make me happy are people who I watch online, and my friends.

I feel like I can't trust anyone.

Right now, I don't trust any of my family right now. Like the …

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do people just hang out in the blogs and never surface?

like, never post on the main wiki, but only on the blogs?

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Bluesprucedude Bluesprucedude 13 May

A Beginner Archivist Reading List on Trans History, Culture, and Politics

Early this morning, as I scrolled through the #trans tag on Tumblr, I encountered a post pleading for any recommendations for books on the trans movement written by trans authors. An hour later, I reblogged the post with a starter pack of books and articles for the original poster as well as anyone interested. Right after I published the post, I realized that many of y'all on this wiki, especially those who've like my posts on research and culture, would find the reading list pretty neat.

I've adapted my post for the wiki, using some of the formatting tricks here to break up the text better than I could originally. Any links to books are to Internet Archive and other archive pages and occasionally storefront pages when digitally archived ve…

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0o0kami 0o0kami 12 May

guys please(tw // talk abt s*xu*l stuff, swearing)

what the fuck is sexual attraction

what does it feel like

is it like "oh this person very nice hmm yes indeed i would like to have sex with them" or what

i might be asexual


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Nvl4ni Nvl4ni 12 May

does anybody look at these.. might wanna do something with it

Might make a journal idk bruh

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I'm boreddd

anyone wanna chat?

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Corvus Splendens Corvus Splendens 10 May

Do all mods know each other?

Cryptocrew, The Ash System, Prince Luci, and Clear Skyes all seem to know each other. It's like they've formed a network of moderators to stop hate and bad stuff on this wiki. They also seem to know each other very well outside of their jobs as mods. This is no criticism or jealous comment, just an observation.

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Dysphoriaa20 Dysphoriaa20 10 May

valid genders

all of them

all of them are valid

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Littlefoxuwu Littlefoxuwu 7 May

I need some help 3:

[Self ID: Fox, they/them fae/faer]

So, I'm not sure if I'm just having a hard time understanding some of the things on here, but I need some help:

I don't know how to properly label how I feel about my gender. I'm AFAB, and don't really feel comfortable with being seen as 'female.' I don't really feel like anything, but I also feel kinda comfortable with 'she/her' and 'he/him' pronouns too? I'm also pretty comfortable with being/being seen as feminine and woman-aligned, but not actually being female.

I know this all sounds confusing but this is the easiest way my unfinished Rubix cube of a brain can describe it.

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Joon The Gayest Joon The Gayest 7 May

my personality

this is just me ranting. i dont know why the fuck you are here since im not that active, but hi. anyways, im kinda just explaining myself.if you havent met me before on some other wiki, i WILL swear, and sometimes bring up sensitive topics, but swearing is mainly the big one.

  1. if it makes you feel any better, ive noticed that the main reason why i swear is me putting a sheild around myself, to hide what i really think, so people dont have to worry about me and i can care for my friends, or just repel people i dont know. AKA i know no one in person here since this is the internet, hence why i swear so much. Kinda depressing, but once you get to know me im really just a teddy bear. but also, its like, besides my anxiety, my only shield from re…

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Bluesprucedude Bluesprucedude 7 May

My Own Queer History (and Announcing a Short Break)

I first came out—as bisexual—in 2005. I know that some of you were born that year (or earlier!), but in my life, that would’ve been towards the beginning of elementary school. The next I would come out in a major way (as trans) would be 2010, in middle school.

I was always considered precocious, or oddly and sometimes humorously mature for my age. I imagine some of you know how that feels. It meant that I was pushed into being a grown-up—a parent, a teacher, even just a role model—for other kids, even those my age. It didn’t surprise the adults in my life that I knew the word bisexual as a child or that I knew it applied to me but that I’d admit it out loud to another person. My queerness was seen as an extension of my maturity, and I’m ver…

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I need help-

Okay so... Is there a sexuality version of gender hoarding..? I'm abrosexual and I keep using all these terms to describe my sexuality (and I do the same with gender identities)

If there isn't a page could someone help make one? I could make a flag and help with some other stuff.

Thanks in advance!

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9uiz 9uiz 7 May

any Outsiders fans?

i really love the outsiders so like if there are any fans of it hmu in the comments (also sodapop and dallas winston are sO fINE)

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Bluesprucedude Bluesprucedude 5 May

Dude’s Guide to Research

No, this guide isn’t just for dudes. That’s just a play on my username.

This guide is for everyone who contributes — or wants to contribute — to the LGBTA Wiki. I’ve written this assuming that my audience is familiar with the editing, style, and community guidelines, but no doubt some of the points and rules brought up in them are repeated here.

The bulk of edits I do are to references, from adding references to adjusting how they appear on pages. While the LGBTA Wiki has no specific formatting guidelines for sources, there are ways to effectively do and convey research that help the wiki.

  • 1 What You Should Know Before You Do Any Research
  • 2 Doing Research
    • 2.1 Specific Terms
    • 2.2 Specific Concepts
    • 2.3 Duplicate Etiquette
  • 3 Conclusion

Before you start typing i…

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Pan5687 Pan5687 4 May


Hello people of wiki. Have a good day or night.

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ThatsJustKai ThatsJustKai 3 May

yuh story time

TW: abuse, suicide, knives, death, parents, family

CW: cursing

Prologue - That fateful night

It was a brisk autumn night, when Alena was walking down the street. This was usual for her, as she didn't have many friends anymore, not after her best friend committed suicide. She'd had feelings for her friend, and confessed, then her friend committed suicide, at least that's what it looked like. If it wasn't suicide, was it a murder? Who could've killed her best friend, was the burning question in Alena's mind.

"Hey mom... I'm home..”

"Hell, what took you so damn long to get home again? You know your dad's gonna beat you if he finds out about this!" Alena's mom is more dominant in her life than her dad, but her dad is more intimidating than anyone …

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Cally645 Cally645 3 May


Ok I think deku is soo underrated because hes so small and cute but get me right i think villain deku proves that wrong

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Dysphoriaa20 Dysphoriaa20 3 May

Gender crisis

So can I identify as pomogender while still being feminine? I've been in a gender crisis for a while now and I might finally be out of it.


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Unicornian Unicornian 1 May


I made a gender called YuniYuniyic or YuniYunigender. It's a gender related to Yuniyuni the Unicorn that feels soft or cute and may have a connection to other unicorns.

Plz tell me if this has already been coined??




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Corvus Splendens Corvus Splendens 30 April

Coming Out

I came out to my mum. She said I was too young to know, and that I should not tell anyone I'm bisexual. I'm not listening to her (btw, we are on good terms -- I choose to forgive her for this.)

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Ddlovatic4life Ddlovatic4life 29 April

Another questions

So, if you're animogender, would you be able to identify as a system? Kinda like a DID or OSDD system? I'm just confused about that because based on the description of it, it kind of sounds like you can but at the same time, I know it's not the same thing. I just want to know bc I'm animogender worldgender and idk if I'm okay to identify as a system. Ik we're not the same at all but it's *kinda* the same general idea.


(Sorry if that sounded offensive at all. I didn't mean it offensively, just a genuine question)

(I also meant to say question in the title-)

Uh so I'm sorry that I said 'identify'. I just realized now how rude that was, and I apologize and understand that a system isn't an identity.

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Xzmzu Xzmzu 28 April

TW** H*****bia/T*******bia?

So.. Let's just say I didn't get to come out in the best way.

Either way, I still think that nothing would've changed about how my parents felt about me being trans and omni.

I don't think their h******bic or anything, but it really feels like it.

I wanted to identify as he/him, and I also have a gf.

They told me it was a sin, that I was a sin, and that I was following sinners.

This is kinda hard to put out on social media, so I'm not going to go into too much detail, yk?

But I just.. What do you guys think I should do? Please, anything helps.

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PinklavaRT PinklavaRT 27 April

help TW: sch**l, Te**hrs

In my online sch**l, my te**her said we all have to have our camera on all the time. now, put a dysphoric person in that situation, and someone who has social anxiety, it isn't great. how should i tell her that i am crazy uncomfortable with a camera without coming out?I could use the excuse that my camera isn't working, but that would get suspicious. so that might work for a day or 2, but not in the long run

edit- I told my teachers that I'm not fine with my cam being on all the time, so attendance and breakout groups are the only times im required to be on camera, and I just show the top of my head/wear a hoodie

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Ddlovatic4life Ddlovatic4life 26 April

Hhhh gender help needed-

Yeah, so I posted this on the worldgender page already, but I'm kinda impatient xD- sorry bout that...

I need (well, technically "want to find out" instead of "need" but yeah) to know if I'm worldgender or not. (So, yea I need help determining if I'm worldgender or something else)

Here's some info on my gender:

I feel like there's at least 3 genders in me and usually there's this kinda prominent one. It's more of a masculine gender. Or like masculine aligned. I was born a female but don't really identify with that. Only sometimes, I feel a little bit of fem. I feel like without that little bit of fem, I'm like not complete or something? Idk. Does that even make sense?

I feel like there's no fully fem gender that's in me, but there is a fully m…

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Pan5687 Pan5687 23 April


I am currently questioning my gender. I am using the label cassgender but I'm not sure if it fits. I've gone through a lot of different labels so far and none quite work. I've always felt a slight connection to femininity. Any suggestions?

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Mx. Rabbit Mx. Rabbit 22 April

Reign of breadsticcs

"hello, i'm from the LGBTA wiki discord server, and as you may know, @reign of the breadsticcs is currently blocked by request, but she's contacted me on the discord server after seeing what's going on on the wiki and she feels powerless to help, and wants you all to know that she loves you and she'll be back soon and anyone can message her and talk to her if they need her. she knows it's painful there right now but she wants you to remember that this is a community about love and you all deserve to heal. she loves you all (/p) and she's genuinely here for all of you, when she gets back soon she promises to do her best as a mod to try and help the community heal and recover and make it so that drama like this can't happen again"

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Thebigqueerpotato Thebigqueerpotato 22 April

damn i havent been here for ages

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Alfie's thoughts

Hold on but did any of you know that I Alfie am taller than Spixity and Yoda? Cause if not now you know :)

-Thots with Alfie

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ToastedBagels ToastedBagels 19 April

Is there a moth gender?

I know that there's mothgender (gender that changes day/night), but is there a xenogender directly relating to moths?

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EmerPool EmerPool 18 April


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SkidibiDada SkidibiDada 17 April

wtf? miriamsexual is not even a bestiality sexuality

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Unicornian Unicornian 16 April



Can someone make the page hewwogender for me

I can't do it for some reason

Here is the definition:

Hewwogender: a gender that is inviting, sweet, and friendly, like the word “Hewwo!”

Base it off that plz💖💖💖


The person who made it

I can't get the link but search it up!😊

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-careless is a suffix for when one doesn't care about their gender, attraction, orientation and/or anything else. Some examples are gendercareless, attractioncareless and orientationcareless. A person can be, for example, cisgender or transgender and still identify as gendercareless.

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Attractionless is the state of not having attraction.

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Xzmzu Xzmzu 12 April

I plan to come out to my dad soon

Heh so like- I plan to come out to my Dad soon as you can see by the title.

I just need advice on coming out as Trans!

I've thought about it for a while, and i decided it was time.

I thought of using those Ken and barbie songs, but I'm not sure he'll understand.

I hope he doesn't think less of me.

He called my cousin who went on a date with a girl (My cousins a girl) Weird, and that's whats making me a bit nervous.

My parents like to judge people, so I'm pretty sure my self esteem will plumish with me coming out, you know?

Please, Any advice helps.



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StokeBeans StokeBeans 12 April

Anything related to fluidity

List of links for fluidity:


Fluidity in sexual attraction: Abrosexual

Fluidity in the intensity of sexual attraction: Aceflux, Acespike, Ace-jump

Fluidity in romantic attraction: Abromantic

Fluidity in the intensity of romantic attraction: Aroflux, Arofluid, Aro-jump, Arospike


General gender fluidity: Genderfluid, Demifluid

General gender fluidity based on amount of genders: Multigender, Pangender

Gender fluidity based on intensity: Intensiflux

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Birdsong231 Birdsong231 9 April

I need help with my orientation

Ok, so first things first: I don't really care about who anyone thinks of my orientation or if anyone thinks I'm just trying to fit in or whatever. I'm doing this for myself. I want to have a word for my feelings, but I don't know if it exists or not. I feel like I have to put this out there because my family is absolutely accepting of LGTB+, but they don't like how much it's expanded. They feel like there should be some sort of government kinda controlling it a bit in a way? Idk, I just don't really agree with it, but I respect their thoughts, and I know they'll respect mine, but I'm too timid to say that I'm a supporter of all genders, identities, orientations, and etc. Another part of my anxiety I have to get through.


Is there anythi…

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i have a question

(let me know if i should add a TW)

i'm error, and i am plural system. but i do not have DID or OSDD. i actually am a tulpamancer.

(a tulpamancer is someone who intentionally creates headmates for whatever reason)

so i was wondering if tulpamancers are allowed on this wiki, i'm only asking because i don't want to offend or invalidate anyone with systems different from mine.

please let me know


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EmperorTaco EmperorTaco 7 April

Coming out

Hi I was wondering what’s a good way to come out? Who should I start with? I know that my dad is a supporter I’m not sure about my mom and brother. Should I come out in pride month or coming out day? What do I have to say?

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EmperorTaco EmperorTaco 7 April


I have found what I am. I’m a gender flux demi romantic abrosexual. I’ll do a coming out question later unless you wanna answer it now. My question was does abrosexual, Demi romantic, and gender flux have any pronouns? Do all LGBTQ+ orientations have pronouns?

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EmperorTaco EmperorTaco 7 April

Finding my gender

I’m wondering what my gender is. Is the title and my first sentence ok? I feel like I’m a girl but sometimes I feel like a boy. I feel like both boy at times and girl at times but sometimes I feel like I don’t fit in either at times. I also sometimes feel genderless . I also sometimes feel neutral at times. What would my gender be? Did I say this correctly? I again hope no one gets offended.

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