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The caedsexual flag.

An alternate caedsexual flag by Reign of the breadsticcs.

Caedsexual (or caedosexual) is an orientation on the asexual spectrum, defined as someone who feels that they were allosexual at one point, but that it has been taken or “cut away” from them due to past trauma.

Caedsexual is a microlabel, meaning that by saying that one is caedsexual, it is implied that one is also asexual. In this case, asexual is the primary sexual identity and caedsexual acts as a modifier, making a specific sub-category of asexuality. It is also considered a subset of acevague.

An alternate caedsexual flag by MoonSMH.

Caedsexual should only be used by trauma survivors and those with PTSD.

Erassexual is the non-exclusive form of caedsexual. The romantic counterpart of caedsexual is caedromantic.


The term was coined on or before January 29, 2015, by an unknown user. It was first found on a glossary of orientations.[1]


The caedsexual flag was created by DeviantArt user Pride-Flags on October 3, 2015.[2]

The alternate flag was created by FANDOM user Reign of the breadsticcs on July 3, 2021.[3]

The second alternate flag was created by FANDOM user MoonSMH on September 26th, 2021.