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Not to be confused with callistian

The callistic flag.

Callistic is a term for aromantic and other a-spec individuals that can be used to describe their ideal relationship. Callistic describes a-spec individuals who do not want a queerplatonic relationship, close friendship, or anything similar. Some callistic individuals may have or want platonic bonds, but these platonic relationships are not highly emotionally involved. Callistic individuals are happy with the idea of living alone for the rest of their lives. The term is similar to terms like aplatonic and nonamorous.

Terms for aromantics who want close relationships, are europic and iodic.


The term callistic was coined by Tumblr user Thearoacespace on June 5, 2019[1]. The flag was created by them on June 7, 2019[2]. The color symbolism is the following; Black, the lack of color, represents a lack of relationships. Green represents aromanticism and the aromantic spectrum. White, the combination of all colors, represents wholeness, showing that callistic aros are complete without the need for a life partner. Blue represents aplatonic individuals. The spectrum of blues represents the spectrum of callistic experiences.

There are two circles that represent the "closeness" of one's ideal relationship. The circles are close, but not touching.


The term callistic comes from callisto, the moon of Jupiter. Callisto has the farthest orbit of Jupiter's main four moons.