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The cerul flag.

Cerul describes non-binary individuals who present in a traditionally feminine way. They do not necessarily have to be feminine-aligned or lunarian.

Cerul is a term from the pallet system of non-binary gender presentation. It is used to describe non-binary individual's gender presentation without having to use the binary language like "masculine" or "woman-aligned." It is similar to the lesbian terms "butch" and "femme." The term was designed to be used along side the galactian alignment system but can be used by any non-binary individual. For example, a feminine-presenting unaligned nonbinary individual could call themselves cerul stellarian.

The masculine and androgynous counterparts to cerul are vermil and pewt.


Cerul is derived from the word cerulean, which is a shade of blue.

Flag and Other Symbols

The flag was designed by Tumblr user Elfiot, who also created the term[1]. The flag was meant to replicate the lunarian flag’s cool colors. It has the alchemical symbol for water in the center, as water is considered a feminine element.

In addition to the alchemical symbol, other cerul symbols include the moon, water, and symbol representing "feminine" energies.