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Creepergender Flag

Creepergender is a gender defined by its connection to the creeper from Minecraft. It is a xenogender that was made for neurodivergent individuals, although everyone can use the term. Someone who is creepergender can have a gender that might feels aggressive, impulsive, mysterious, explosive, or have any other qualities resembling the mob. Their gender can also relate to the mob or its aesthetic in general.

Creeperaex is a similar gender, also connected to creepers. It "may explode into many, many more genders or may destroy other genders."

Creeperaex pride flag. It has many horizontal stripes of varying shades of green and of different widths.

Creeperaex flag

History & Flag

The Gender was made by FANDOM user Bean.Venus on April 10, 2021. The creepergender flag was made by FANDOM user Bean.Venus on April 10, 2021.

Creeperaex was coined by tumblr user genderplaylist on June 26, 2019, as was the creeperaex flag.

Creepergender/creeperaex flag by xenomorphgenders

Another creepergender/creeperaex flag by xenomorphgenders

Two additional creepergender/creeperaex flags were made by instagram user xenomorphgenders on May 13, 2021.