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A five stripe vertically symmetrical flag, with dark purple and bright purple stripes framing a singular white stripe. In the center, there is a silhouette of a feather in black

The crowgender flag created by @duskmoon_ on Twitter

An alternate crowgender flag created by tipsyArmageddon on Twitter

Another alternate crowgender flag created by genderthaumiel on Tumblr

Crowgender is a xenogender and faunagender that is related to crows or feels crow-like. It also can represent a connection or love of crows, especially for neurodivergent individuals. The gender may feel dark, harsh, and intimidating. This may also be a kingender.


This flag was created by @duskmoon_ on Twitter in a post made on September 25, 2020[1]. The stripes represent; the dark color of crows, mischief and intelligence, and shiny trinkets.

An alternate crowgender flag was created by twitter user tipsyArmageddon on June 4, 2020[2] The stripes on this flag represent (from top to bottom) feminine leaning identities, non-binary identities, wisdow, masculine leaning identities, and connection to crows.

Another alternate crowgender flag was created by tumblr blog genderthaumiel on December 7, 2020.[3]