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A flag with 7 stripes, being them dark gray, light gray, kinda bluish gray, white, light green, light gray and dark gray again,, from top to bottom.

The demiagender flag.

Alternate demiagender flag by Goatsjourney.

Demiagender is a non-binary gender in which one is partially(50% to be more specific), but not fully, agender. A demiagender individual feels that their gender is partially agender and partially another gender/multiple other genders. For example, a demiagender individual may be half agender and half maverique, or 50% agender, 30% juxera and 20% neugender.

The feminine variant of demiagender is demigirl, the masculine variant is demiboy, the non-binary variant is deminonbinary and the neutral variant is demineutrois.

History and Flag

Demiagender seems to have been first used on February 23, 2016 on The Asexual Network.[1] The flag was designed by DeviantArt user enbygsrd on September 19, 2016.[2][3] The flag is a mix of the demigender and agender flags.[4]