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The differosexual flag.

Alternate flag.

Differosexual is the attraction to multiple gender identities that are different from one's own.[1] A differosexual binary man/woman can experience attraction to the other binary gender and at least one non-binary gender. The specifics of the non-binary individual ’s gender and whether the nonbinary individual considers their gender dissimilar enough to the binary individual 's to count as different-gender attraction is up to the non-binary individual to interpret.

A differosexual non-binary individual may feel that any individual they are attracted to do not share their gender, whether that is because they don’t have a gender, or because they have a complicated or rare gender identity, or because they don’t consider the whole of their identity equivalent to someone sharing part of it.

Some may prefer this to straight, as straight usually refers to men-loving-women and women-loving-men, and differosexual refers to multisexual attraction to multiple genders that are different from oneself, rather than just one.


The term was coined by Tumblr user mossy-maze on or before January 15th of 2018.


The flags were coined by Tumblr user mossy-maze on or before January 15th of 2018. The flags meanings were as stated; "Gendered attraction is not always a simple black and white matter- hence the shades of gray on the flag. The pink represents attraction."