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Droidsexual is a micro-label under the Fictosexual umbrella, where one has an exclusive or near-exclusive attraction to fictional robots, androids, etc. This is not to be confused with robosexual or robotsexual, as this only applies to fictional characters.

The Droidsexual Flag

Characters a droidsexual may be attracted to include robots, human-like androids, characters that look completely human but are technically androids, etc. It could be considered a fictosexual version of Robosexual or Robotsexual. The romantic equivalent is Droidromantic.


Droidsexual may have first been referenced as a troll/to mock the LGBT+ community, by the host of the Daily Wire, Matt Walsh, on or before March 3rd 2021.[1]

Droidsexual was re-coined by FANDOM user AmethystKitty91 on the LGBTA Wiki, August 22nd of 2021, alongside its romantic counterpart, droidromantic. This is the first instance of the term being recorded publicly with this definition.


The droidromantic Flag.

The flag itself was created on August 20th of 2021, two days before droidsexual was re-coined.

The white stripes represent androids that look extremely human (Typically very human-like robots are shown to be made of white plastic.), the dark grey represents robots that have much fewer, if any, human characteristics (The robots made of metal), and light grey are those in-between. The Dark blue stripe in the middle represents sexual attraction to fictional androids/robots. Droidsexual is dark blue, while droidromantic is light blue.

The aesthetic of the flag was inspired by the androids in Detroit: Become Human with their skins deactivated, as well as other colors associated with robots, and is meant to look futuristic.

Is this LGBTQ+?

The re-coined definition of droidsexual, due to being a sexual minority that does not cause harm as well as being ace-spec, would fall under the LGBTQ+ umbrella.