The dysphorifluid flag.

Dysphorifluid is defined as when one's gender dysphoria is fluid. For example, one day one may have dysphoria related to masculine things but not feminine things, and the next day it could be reversed. Having fluid dysphoria may or may not affect one's gender, as dysphorifluid individuals may have static, fluid, fluctuating, or non-existent genders. One's gender may be fluid with their dysphoria, or it may not. The fluidity of one's dysphoria may be as a whole, specific to some types of dysphoria but not others, or different for all types of dysphoria.


The term was coined by FANDOM user Nothoughtsnogender on September 1, 2021.


The dysphorifluid flag was created by FANDOM user RoseWatera on September 1, 2021. Red represents fluidity, light red represents gender, off-white represents the experience of being transgender, green represents dysphoria, and blue represents expression.


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