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The feminenby flag.

An alternative feminenby flag by Luna4220.

Another alternate feminenby flag by IAmArtemisTheCat.

Feminenby is a term for any sort of non-binary/woman gender identity. It includes things such as demigirl, xirl, girlby, genderdoe, non-binary/girl bigender, and anything else. It's an overarching term for anyone in those groups, especially if one swaps between them often, use multiple labels, or is unsure of the specifics of their identity but know they're some form of non-binary and girl.

Feminenby people may or may not have other genders that are not non-binary or woman.

The masculine/miaspec counterpart is masculenby.


The term was coined by Tumblr user rouge-the-bat on October 7, 2019. The flag was made by the same user on the same day.[1]


An alternate 4-stripe feminenby flag was made by FANDOM user Luna4220 on December 22, 2020.[2]

Another alternate flag was created by Wiki user IAmArtemisTheCat on August 26, 2021.[3] Purple represents inclusion of feminenbies who have/experience masculine genders, pink represents feminine genders, coral represents any other combination of feminenby and other genders, white represents xenic genders, green represents agenrine genders, yellow represents neutral genders, and orange represents outherine genders.