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The fluidflux flag

An alternate fluidflux flag by Double-bi

Fluidflux, also known as fluxfluid, fliux, fluix, or genderfliux/genderfluix is a gender in which one's gender changes while also varying in intensity. Fluidflux can be described as being genderfluid and genderflux at the same time. One's gender fluctuates between feeling completely gendered to feeling partially gendered to being without a gender (agender). At the same time the gendered-feeling is fluid. For example, one could feel like a demiboy, then their gender fluctuates to agender, when their gender fluctuates back they are a paragirl.

It can also be felt in a way which is similar to a multigender identity where someone could feel multiple genders at once, but have only one part of that combination fluctuates. For example, one could feel both male and female at that time, but only the female part fluctuates. There is also the possibility of both genders fluctuating both in intensity and in identity. For example, one can feel male at one time, then slightly male and mostly female at another.

If one’s gender is partially fluidflux and partially static, one may identify as demifluix.

Flag and Symbols

The current flag (structured like certain genderfluid flags) shows the fluidity between differently saturated colors with a gray edge representing agender identity.

The original flag showed pink, purple, blue, and yellow, representing feminine, androgynous, masculine, and non-binary genders. The black line could potentially represent agender. On the bottom half the colors are desaturated, showing how fluidflux individuals experience varying amounts/intensities of genders.

A proposed flag was created on November 12, 2020 by an anonymous wiki user. Purple represents androgyny, liaspec identities, and lingenders. Pink represents femininity, fiaspec identities, and fingenders. Orange represents xeninity, xiaspec identities, and xingenders. Dark grey represents the agenrinity, agiaspec identities, and agingenders. Green represents unaligned genders. Green-blue represents masculinity, miaspec identities, and mingenders. Dark green-blue represents neutrality, niaspec identities, and ningenders.

In November of 2020, Double-bi created two polls to vote on which flag should replace the original fluidflux flag. The flag currently shown won first place. The current flag is structured like certain genderfluid flags, and shows the fluidity between differently saturated colors with a gray edge representing agender identity.

An alternate flag, created by user Double-bi, was made to be a mix of the genderflux and genderfluid flag, with a yellow protea flower in the center to symbolize change. This flag was the runner-up in the poll.

Another alternate fluidflux flag was designed by FANDOM user Uncertified Funny on July 2021. It is a combination of the genderfluid and genderflux flag, with a black stripe to make it resemble the genderfluid flag.

Another common fluidflux symbol is the Greek letter phi (Φ).