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[[Category:Exclusive Identities]]
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The Foggender/Fognonbinary Flag

The Foggirl Flag

The Fogboy Flag

The Fogfluid Flag

Foggender is a neurogender which is close to a certain gender, but cannot be directly pinpointed due to brainfog (a lack of concentration or wakefulness associated with ADHD, fibromyalgia, depression, etc.). It can be combined with relevant genders (examples: fogboy, foggirl, fognonbinary, fogfluid, etc.). It is similar to vaguegender, and can sometimes be considered a more specific form of ADHDgender.


The foggender flags were created by DeviantArt user Pride-Flags on September 6, 2015.[1] The flags include hazy gender colors fading to gray, with a cloud overlaid to visually represent this gender. The desaturation of the colors, as well as the clouds, represent brainfog, and how it can distort or hide ones gender to some extent. Yellow represents gender in general, or non-binary genders specifically. Blue represents man-alignment or masculinity. Pink represents woman-alignment or femininity. The fogfluid flag blends the three together to represent fluidity.