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The gender non-conforming flag.

An alternative GNC flag

An alternative GNC flag by TheonetrueRick#3397

An alternative GNC flag by Homesick Moonstone.

Gender Non-Conforming (GNC), also known as Gender Variant, refers to individuals whose gender presentation does not align with or reflect their actual gender. Many GNC individuals are transgender or non-binary, however there are also many cisgender individuals who are gender non-conforming. Some possible examples of gender non-conformity include, but are not limited to:

Many labels exist to signify one's gender presentation, such as butch, femme, vermil, cerul, and pewt, among others.

Gender non-conformity commonly focuses on physical appearance, such as hair style, style of clothes, presence of makeup and/or nail polish, presence of facial hair and/or body hair, etc, though it can also include other traits such as having certain personality traits or interests, having certain professions, or using certain pronouns.

An alternative GNC flag by CandySkyez.

The pronouns one uses are also a form of gender presentation so using pronouns that are not typically associated with one's gender is also a form of gender non-conformity. This is called pronoun non-conformity.


GNC Symbol.

The creator of the main Gender Non-Conforming flag is unknown, although it has recieved the most attention via DeviantArt user PrideFlags, who uploaded it on March 11, 2017.[1] The colour meanings are unknown, although it could be interpreted as the various colours representing the diversity of gender presentations. A flag with the same colours but equal-size stripes is a variant.

An alternate flag by TheonetrueRick#3397 was created on the LGBTA discord. The colour meanings are unknown. It is listed as a pronoun non-conforming flag on its description page, however, so it is unknown if it is a GNC or PNC flag.[2]

An alternate flag was uploaded to the LGBTA Wiki by Homesick Moonstone on March 12th, 2020. Black represents neutrality, blue represents masculine women, pink represents feminine men, purple represents androgynous people, and yellow is for those with other presententions.

An alternate flag was uploaded to the LGBTA Wiki by CandySkyez on December 31st, 2021. Pink and purple represents females who deviate from gender norms, blue and purple represents males who deviate from gender norms, and white represents non-binary people who deviate from gender norms. The yellow stripe represents the blurring of gender norms and the unity of the GNC community.

A GNC symbol was uploaded to the LGBTA Wiki by WiiFyneLM on November 3rd, 2021. It is a circle with altered mars and venus signs, representing deviation from gender norms.