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This identity is not part of the LGBT+ community. This wiki in no way supports this identity and does not accept this identity into the community. This article is strictly educational. Education on these terms is important so individuals can stay safe online and know what to avoid.

The GkG flag

The warhammer gay flag

'Sunrise Gay Man Flag'

Gravity Knife Gay (GkG), also known as Warhammer Gay, is a term for exclusionary gay men who feel the label "gay" has been watered down too much by the existence of non-binary, pronoun non-conforming, and multisexual-spectrum vincians/men-loving-men.

Gravity Knife Gays may also use the term Todamoric to be more discrete about their exclusion.

Gravity Knife Gays exclude PNC gay Individuals in the belief that pronouns equal gender, and that the term "gay" is only applicable to he/him binary men who are attracted to other he/him binary men. While this is already reductive considering the rich history of gender nonconformity and experimentation in the gay male community, there are also many languages that lack gender-specific pronouns.

The female counterpart is Longsword Lesbian.

Identities Excluded

This is by no means an exhaustive list; Gravity Knife Gays exclude anyone and everyone who is not strictly a binary, he/him man.