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The idemflux flag.

An alternate idemflux flag.

Idemflux (also known as Identityflux, Idemfluid, or Identityfluid) is an LGBTQ+ identity that represents full fluidity in romantic attraction, sexual attraction, gender identity, aromantic status, asexual status, pronoun changes/status, polyamorous status, or even platonic attraction. Idemflux is an identity defined by each (or just some) of an LGBTQ+ identity that changes during time. Changes in identity could be changed by mood, dysphoria, time or anything that constitutes a change.

There are many ways for this identity to be perceived and interpreted. Many use this identity to validify their full extreme fluidity as an individual/individuals. This identity may also be used as an umbrella term for those who are genderfluid/flux, ace/aroflux, abrosexual/romantic, fluidamorous, platoniflux, or even pronounfluid.


The term was coined by Tumblr user Paramornal, also known as Fandom user SmiledBeatle233, on August 26, 2021.[1]


The idemflux flag was created by the coiner on August 26, 2021. The purple stripe represents genderfluidity, including binary, non-binary gender, gender expression, and absence of gender. The dark green stripe represents aromantic fluidity. The light green stripe represents romantic attraction fluidity. The beige yellow stripe represents platonic fluidity. The light pink stripe represents sexual attraction fluidity. And the dark pink stripe represents asexual fluidity.

The alternate flag was created by an unknown user on an unknown date. It is a "swirl" or "mix" of the original LGBTQ+ community rainbow flag, which represents a liquified fluidity between the whole LGBTQ+ spectrum.