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Inneuphoria is a term for an experience exclusive to system members in which one feels gender euphoria, joy, or confidence in oneself when fronting, due to the fact that their body isn't the same sex, gender, race, body size, or even species in some cases. The difference between their fronting body and their innerworld body (or lack thereof) causes them these feelings of joy.

This experience often co-sides with outterphoria, as the innerworld body often causes the individual distress or discomfort.

Some examples where this may occur includes, but is not limited to...

  • An elf headmate who feels insecure in the innerworld, and thus feels joy fronting in a human body.
  • An intersex headmate who feels dysmorphic due to their innerworld sex, and thus feels joy fronting in a dyadic body.
  • A trans-woman headmate who feels dysphoric with their innerworld body, and thus feels joy fronting in a müllerian body.
  • An asian headmate that has internalized racism and thus feels joy fronting in a white body.
  • A white headmate that formed due to racial trauma, and thus feels uncomfortable being in a white innerworld body, (as it doesn't feel appropriate to their trauma) and thus feels more comfortable fronting in their racially diverse body.

The counterparts to this experience includes innerphoria, innerdisconnect, outeuphoria, and outterdisconnect.


This term was coined by Weniviere from Cryptocrew's system on May 26th of 2021 in order to describe her and her headmates experiences. This term was coined through this page, and has no outside resources.