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Flag by HarmonixLol

Kinshiftsexualflux, kinshiftflux, shiftflux or kinflux is an identity for otherkin individuals who experience that their sexual attraction fluctuates in intensity when they experience a shift.

For example, one's sexual attraction may be gay because their kintype is gay, but they feel this is present more when they shift. Another example is when one always feels their lesbian attraction being present, but when they shift they barely feel it present because their kintype isn't lesbian.

This is similar to kinshiftsexual. However, one who is kinshiftsexualflux doesn't gain nor lose any attraction when shifted, but rather always feel this attraction being present, it's just more prominent when they kinshift.

Flag and Meaning

The flag was designed by FANDOM user HarmonixLol on May 16, 2021. It has no specific meanings.


The term was coined on 30 April, 2021 by FANDOM user Friendly Clown Boy. This term was coined through this page, and has no outside resources.