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Welcome to the LGBTA Wiki

The LGBTA+ Wiki is meant to be a resource for members of the LGBTA+ community, individuals who are questioning, or anyone who's curious. Particularly this wiki is meant to be a helpful resource to explain everything this is to know about identities that are often unknown, unheard of, or are hard to find information on.

If there are any issues, please reach out to the staff team, preferably the bureaucrats. A list providing the staff team can be found here.

Where To Start

LGBTA stands for lesbiangaybisexual, transgender, and asexual/aromantic/agender. It's an adaptation of the initialism LGBT, which originated in the 1990s. It may be used to refer to anyone who is non-heterosexual, non-heteromantic, and/or non-cisgender. Some popular variants include LGBTQ, LGBTIA, LGBTQA, and LGBTIAQ. The Q stands for questioning/queer, and the I stands for intersex. Others include LGBT+ or LGBTA+, which is used to encompass the full spectrums of sexuality and gender.

If you are questioning, you can browse our sexuality, ace-spec, aro-spec, gender, or xenogender categories. If you are specifically questioning your orientation, you can check out the three part orientation resources here: (part 1, part 2, part 3).

If you're new here, especially to MOGAI, it can also be helpful to check out the FAQ.

If you cannot comment, reply, or post, it is either because you are not signed in, or because your account is not yet auto-verified. To be auto-verified, your account must exist on this wiki for three (sometimes four) days. This is not an action that can be done by administrators, it is an automated action on this wiki.

Popular Pages

Helping Out

You can help out by creating an article for an identity that doesn't have a page. Before you make a new article, it's recommended that you read the style guide and the article guidelines - and be sure to follow the community guidelines.

  • You don't have to ask to make an article.
  • You don't have to personally identify as something to make an article about it (as long as you know enough to give an accurate description, and as long as its not exclusive to a culture, race, ethnicity, religion, disability, and/or neurodivergence).

If you want to help out but don't know where to start, you can also help by adding relevant information to one of our stub articles. Information like who coined the term, when it was coined, who created the flag and when, as well as more information about the identity itself is always appreciated.

For those who are looking to coin a term, you can read this. For those who are looking to create a flag, you can read this.

Blog Posts

Lesbian Bakugou Lesbian Bakugou 6 seconds ago

I'm unoriginal, so, how similar are we?

(credit to theashsystem)

feel free to answer the below or just put a number out of 20!

  1. System
  2. Endogenic
  3. 18 years old
  4. Mspec lesbian and/or gay
  5. Gaybian
  6. Transmasculine
  7. Genderfluid
  8. Has a girlfriend
  9. Has a child
  10. Reclaims slurs
  11. Has had top surgery
  12. Bi
  13. Aroace
  14. Neopronoun user
  15. Xenogender user
  16. Term and/or flag coiner
  17. Joined FAN…
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Aspentheleafwing4 Aspentheleafwing4 1 day ago

My innerworld (s)

It's a white tiled room with a single drawing table that goes on forever. In the middle, there is a door. The door leads to the bedroom. Everyone can access this innerworld, but some prefer not to.

it is a giant forest with a cabin in asunny clearing in the middle. The cabin interior is not known. O…

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Contie Contie 2 days ago

Partial Genders

  • 1 General terms
  • 2 Percentage ranges of gender
  • 3 Exact percentages of gender
  • 4 Genderless base

  • One is partially, but not fully, a given gender - Demigender
  • The "smallest addressable element" in an overall gender experience - Pixelgender
  • One's experience of a gender is "small but intense" - Hypogender
  • One is mo…

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Oct 31, 2021

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