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Not to be confused with libra-gender

The libragender flag.

Alternate libragender flag.

Another libragender flag

Libragender is a gender that is mostly agender, but has a partial connection to another gender. Libragender individuals tend to feel between 1-49% of a connection to another gender.

Libragender is similar to demigender but is more specific. Demigender individuals can be partially any genders, agender does not necessarily have to be included. Libragender individuals are specifically partially agender and partially another gender, which agender outweighing the other part.

Libragender can be an umbrella term or can be used as a term of it's own. As an on own it can describe individuals who are mostly agender but feel a slight connection to the concept of gender (in general).

As an umbrella term, theoretically any gender can have a libragender version of it, denoted using the prefix libra-.

Libragender Identities

Some examples of libragender identities include (but are not limited to):


The primary flag was designed by Icaneatwater, 18th February 2021. Black represents lack of gender. Gray represents partial lack of gender. Blue represents masculine genders. Pink represents feminine genders. Yellow represents genders that are neither feminine nor masculine.

The alternate flag was designed by FruitIndividual and PhysicsAndPuns, 17th May 2021. The swallowtail shape represents partial lack of gender. The agender symbol represents agender lean. Black represents absence or lack of gender. Green represents agender and libragender as a whole. White represents presence of gender. Grey represents the ways libragender can lean (masculine, feminine, non-binary, fluid) and can be replaced with relevant colors.