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Moondysphoria is a form of gender dysphoria falling under xenodysphoria umbrella. It can manifest as distress, depression, anxiety, anger, frustration, restlessness or unease, a sense of gender fragmentation or chaos resulting by be in a moon-atmosphere or by the observervation of moon. It's different from nightdysphoria even if they can overlap.

Dysphoria can be experienced weakly or strongly and its intensity can fluctuate during or after the observation of the moon. The felt dysphoria can be intense to the point it may cause severe depressive symptoms, anxiety or self-destructive thoughts. Having moondysphoria is different from simply disliking moon/moon-atmosphere since it is a distress, fragmentation or an unease related to one's gender identity. Furthermore someone can have moondysphoria and still like the moon, even if it causes gender dysphoria. This type of dysphoria is not exclusive to a specific gender, as any gender identity can experience it.


• A demiboy, after being exposed to the moon, can feel a deep identitary infrigement, resulting in a deep psychological distress and a energy loss.

• A juxera, after being exposed to the moon, can experience a gender fragmentation and a deep anger and anxiety.


The term have been coined by user Crackorbarck on lgbta wikia the on october 11, 2021.

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