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The namehoarder flag.

Alternate flag made by Tumblr user oddity-among-the-fireflies

Alternate flag made by Tumblr user oddity-among-the-fireflies

Alternate namehoarder flag by Tumblr user felix-makes-flags

Namehoarder, also known as multinomial or name collector, is a term for anyone who uses, hoards or collects multiple names. Namehoarders may or may not also be genderhoarders or pronoun hoarders.

Anyone who collects names may identify as a name collector, regardless ones gender identity or gender modality; namehoarder is a term often considered exclusive to those who view their name collecting as a form of hoarding.


The namehoarder flag was created by user Gnunclesquared.

The dominant colors of the flag are yellow and orange. The yellow represents ambiguity and identity, and the orange represents freedom and balance. The vertical stripe on the side symbolizes the millions of names that exist, while the white stripe in the center represents the individual and the names chosen from that bank of names.

In oddity-among-the-fireflies' alternate flag, the yellow stripe represents neurodivergent namehoarders, the purple stripe represents trans/nonbinary namehoarders, the pink stripe represents gender-nonconforming names, the orange stripe represents names generally considered unconventional, the green stripe represents names taken from fictional characters, and the blue stripe represents name fluidity.


The term "multinomial" was first seen on Tumblr in May, 2019 on the blog Beyond MOGAI Pride Flags. An anonymous user sent in an ask inquiring about a term for someone who uses several names. "Name hoarder", "multinomial", "polynomial", "plurinomial", "pluronomial", and "name collector" were mentioned as potential identities. No flag was included in the post.

The flag was designed in October, 2020.

The alternate flag was designed on November 6th, 2021.

The third flag was made by Tumblr user felix-makes-flags on December 11th, 2021.[1]