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The nequent flag.

An alternate nequent flag.

Nequent refers to genders, presentations, orientations, sexes, relationship categories, and other related identities which are neither variant nor conformant. They are not the "standard" for their category, but also are not strictly variant either.

The most common reason for a terms being nequent is that they fit into a category that is either too new or not well known enough to have a "standard" for it. For example, the idea of tertiary attraction has only recently begun to be more explored, so there's no societal "standard" for things like tertiary attractions (sensual, queerplatonic, etc.). There is no "standard" for the amount of tertiary attraction one feels, or the genders one feels it towards. Tertiary identities generally neither live up to nor break a standard, as there is no existing standard to conform to.

Other reasons an identity may fall into this category include, but are not limited to: being both conformant and variant simultaneously, such as ambiamorous or demicisgender, or the term may be a non-LGBTQ+ identity but may still be in the general vicinity of those categories such as cis-genderless, meliusgender, kaitasexual, alterhumans, and some xenogenders.


Nequent was coined by Reign of the breadsticcs on May 15, 2021 and was inspired by an idea from the now-controversial FANDOM user Ariathatsme (who was a syskeeper, transmed, exclusionist, and faked systemhood due to finding it interesting.) Reign of the breadsticcs designed the two flags the same day.


Nequent comes from the Latin word for neither, "neque", describing how identities in this category are neither variant nor conformant.