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The aro neu flag

Color adjusted neu aro flag

Aro Neu or Neu Aro (expanded to Neutro Aro or Aro Neutral) describes an individual on the aromantic spectrum who is neutral on allosexual and asexual.

The term is intentionally vague on what "neutral" means. However, it is specified to be inclusive of non-SAM aros, unit aros, aromantics who don't know if they experience sexual attraction, aromantics who can't distinguish sexual attraction from other types of attraction, and aromantics that otherwise take a neutral stance on their relationship to the allosexual-asexual spectrum. "Neu" can be expanded to neusexual or neutrosexual for those who want to use the SAM.


Aro neu was coined by Tumblr user A-romantic--aromantic on May 19, 2019.[1]


The aro neu flag was designed by Tumblr user A-romantic--aromantic on May 20, 2019.[2] The top half uses the same green stripe gradient as the aromantic flag. The bottom two stripes are a neutral mauve, which is in between gold for aromantic allosexuals and the purple for aroaces.

The color adjusted version was posted by Tumblr user arco-pluris on September 27, 2019.[3]