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[[Category:Ace-spec identity]]
[[Category:Ace-spec identity]]
[[Category:Reclaimed Identities]]

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Neverisexual flag (made by harmful individual)

Neverisexual is an a-spec orientation described by one feeling disgust towards oneself and/or those involved after sexual interaction. This is different from feasexual in the way that a neverisexual individual's attraction doesn't fade away, but one may experience disgust or repulsion as a result of sexual activity. This could affect one's sexuality and may cause one to lose desire or urges for sexual activity.

History and flag

This term was coined by FANDOM user Ariathatsme on May 18, 2021. The flag was designed on the same day by the same person and the meaning goes as follows: green shades to represent levels of disgust at oneself or others, white for unity and inclusivity, grey for loss of attraction, yellow for inclusivity to those across the gender spectrum, and purple to represent the asexual spectrum.

This term, however, was coined by a harmful user who faked systemhood, manipulated users, was exclusionist, and was endophobic. Because of this, people may be hesitant using this term, however it may be used in a reclaiming manner.


The word neveri is Albanian for "disgust".