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Outterdisconnect is a term for an experience exclusive to system members in which one feels gender disconnect, sex disconnect, or disconnect towards their body, race, or possibly species within the innerworld, due to the fact that their innerworld body isn't the same as the fronting body. The difference between their fronting body and their innerworld body (or lack thereof) causes them a feeling of disconnect or apathy.

Some examples where this may occur includes, but is not limited to...

  • A nome headmate who feels more comfortable fronting in a human body, due to the human origins of their species.
  • An intersex headmate who feels more comfortable fronting in a dyadic body, as their variation of intersex is not their desired sex traits.
  • An anonbinary headmate who feels gender disconnect from their innerworld body, as it doesn't match how they percieve their gender.
  • An headmate who is black with internalized racism, thus causing disconnect from their innerworld body.
  • A factive headmate who feels disconnect from their innerworld body due to feeling invalid.

The counterparts to this experience includes outterphoria, outeuphoria, innerdisconnect, innerphoria, inneuphoria.


This term was coined by Weniviere from Cryptocrew's system on May 26th of 2021 in order to describe her and her headmates experiences. It was first publicized on May 30th of 2021.

This term was coined through this page, and has no outside resources.