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Plynestrean flag by Reign of the breadsticcs

Alternate Plynestraean flag by Moorgathan

Plynestraean is a gender in the Scene System that feels like looking outside through a window, and depending of what is outside is what your gender is, It goes along with this imagery: "Inside of a house that is not the yours and not any you know, looking outside through a closed window, and depending on what is outside is what your gender is. The outside world is fluid, it can be a graveyard at night, a sunny flower field or anything that you can imagine."

It can also be like being agender, but staring through a window at one's gender, which is fluid and xenine.


The gender was coined on May 10, 2021 by FANDOM users Reign of the breadsticcs and Moorgathan at the request of FANDOM user MaxTheTransGuy, who provided the description for the gender as well.


The flag was designed by Reign of the breadsticcs on May 10, 2021.

The alternate flag was made by FANDOM user Moorgathan on May 13.

The dark blues represent the graveyard at night that is mentioned in the gender description, the same with the light blues but these represent the sunny field of flowers that is also mentioned. the green strip represents the outside world. And the emblem represents the window mentioned in the description of the gender.