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Polyaspec flag - 11 stripes: black, grey, green, white, purple, blue, purple, white, green, grey, black

The polyaspec flag.

Polyaspec is used when someone is a-spec for multiple, but not all forms of attraction. For example, someone who identifies as both greysexual and aroflux could identify as polyaspec. Polyaspec also includes tertiary attraction. It is not to be confused with panaspec, which is when someone is a-spec with all forms of attraction. It also shouldn't be confused with monospec, which is when someone is a-spec with all forms of attraction except one.


The term was coined by Ember-like-a-fire on August 15, 2021, because there were two labels for describing people on all a-spectrums, and all but one a-spectrums, but there was no label for people who were on multiple, but not all a-spectrums.


The flag was created by Ember-like-a-fire on August 17, 2021. There are 11 stripes: two black stripes, two grey stripes, two green stripes, two white stripes, two purple stripes, and a blue stripe. Black represents those who are almost allo, but are just inside the a-spec. Grey represents those who are a-spec, but near the middle of the a-spectrum. Green represents romantic attraction. White represents those who are a(attraction) or almost a(attraction). Purple represents sexual attraction. Blue represents tertiary attraction. And the fact that there are two black, grey, and white stripes represents multiple types of attraction.