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The pronounfluid flag

Alternate pronounfluid flag

Alternate pronounfluid flag by Fandom user Vaiflypixel

Pronounfluid is the act of switching or transitioning between two or more pronoun sets over time. One's pronouns may change over the course of hours, days, weeks or months. For example, a pronounfluid individual may go by xe/xem one day, he/him the next, and switch back to xe/xem a week later. Pronounfluid individuals can have any gender, and one's gender does not have to change with one's pronouns.

This falls under the pronoun non-conforming and multipronominal umbrellas. Pronounfluid individuals whose pronouns change with their gender may also identify as correfluid. Similar terms include alterpronominal and absorpronominal.


Original pronounfluid flag

The term was originally coined by FANDOM user -raining-constellations- in September 2020, on this wiki.

A flag with 5 stripes, the first is pink, second is white, third is light green, fourth is black, and fifth is light blue.

The pronounfluid flag without the graph.

The original flag was created by FANDOM user We.Kill.The.Earth.And.Do.Nothing.To.Save.It in September 2020, and the new official flag created on January 2021 by the same user.