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Religeic flag

Religeic is a term describing someone whose gender, sexuality, amory, or other form of queer identity, has been affected negatively (in their personal opinion) by their current or previous religion and/or religious trauma. There are multiple ways in which this could apply to someone, including but not limited to:

  • It feels impossible to identify as 'x identity' because of lgbt-phobia in their current/previous religion
  • They have repressed their identity to such an extent that it feels impossible to get back
  • Religious trauma negatively affects their identity in some way
  • Their fear of identifying as something commonly unaccepted or ridiculed in their current/previous religion, stops them from feeling that they could ever fully identify as 'x identity'

This term is exclusive to those who are/were practicing a religion at some point in their life. It is also sometimes considered a neurogender, depending on the cause, but not always.


> Gender-Religeic is the same as religeic, but is focused only on gender

> Religeisexual is the same as religeic, but is focused only on sexuality (other forms of attraction can be substituted)

> Religeiamorous is the same as religeic, but is focused only on amory

History & Coining

The term was coined on July 3rd, 2021, by FANDOM user TheNelsonSystem, or thenelsonsystem#0156 on Discord


The religeic flag was made on the same day by the same user.

The light shades of yellow represent the expectations and advertising of religion, the black stripe represents the individual's identity, and the darker shades underneath represent ones identity being lost/changed/affected negatively by the religion - almost as if the religion is pushing the individual's identity down.