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Not to be confused with Saturnic.

The original saturnian flag.

system-lgbt's saturnian flag.

Saturnian or merlunettian is a non-binary xenogender in the celestial gender system connected to masculine and feminine celestial energies.

History and Flag

The term was coined by Tumblr user uncommongenders in November 2017. [1] The original flag was created by Tumblr user juparian later that month.[2]

The original definition of saturnian was "a gender that is linked to both soft, celestial, masculine and feminine energy, but it is not necessarily a combination of juparian and lunettian. A saturnian person may feel different amounts of energy at different times." In that definition, saturnian was similar to juparettian, with the exception that saturnian was less fluid and the two energies were separate.

However, the definition of many of the celestial genders were altered in a rework by Tumblr user system-lgbt to make the celestial gender system more consistent.[3] Under the rework of the celestial gender system, saturnian is defined as someone who is lunettian and mercurian, and one could be both at the same time, fluid between the two, or feel different amounts of each gender at different times.