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The sexual attraction flag.

Sexual attraction is a form of physical attraction to a individual based on a desire for sexual interaction (sexual intercourse, sexually touching/groping, etc.) with a particular individual. The attraction can be caused by or enhanced by things such as the physical qualities, clothing, movements, voice, or other qualities of a individual. It may commonly coincide with other forms of attraction such as romantic attraction, aesthetic attraction, or sensual attraction. The gender(s) one does or does not feel sexual attraction to is typically the primary thing used in determining one's sexual orientation.

Sexual attraction should not be confused with libido/sex drive or arousal. Libido may cause someone to desire sexual interaction in general but it is not directed towards a particular individual. Sexual attraction is a desire for sexual interaction with someone in particular.

Someone who regularly experiences sexual attraction would be allosexual. Someone who does not regularly experience sexual attraction may be asexual or otherwise ace-spec. Sexual attraction is sometimes associated with the color purple, but that is not entirely accurate since the choice of purple comes from the asexual flag representing the ace-spec community. A sexual crush may be called a smush or a lust, though the terms are not commonly used.


An Alternative Sexual Attraction flag by Zer0Rebel4

Another sexual attraction flag by Sybil of

The sexual attraction flag was coined by Amnisty on December 16th, 2020. The blue represents sexuality, the purple represent the attraction to specific and/or all genders. The turquoise represents imagination and intimacy. The rainbow represents individuals who are attracted to the same gender or multiple genders. The black and greys represent individuals who are attracted to the opposite gender (such as straight or strayt) and those who are on the asexual or aromantic spectrums. The brown represents individuals of color, and the light tan represents those who are of lighter color. An alternate flag was created on January 25th 2021 by FANDOM user Zer0Rebel4. dark red stands for, allosexuals, light red for greyasexuals, dark purple for asexuals, light purple for demisexuals, beige for sexual attraction, black for the spectrum of sexualities. Sybil, admin of made another version of flag which is a spectrum of colors taken from more popular flags of different orientations.