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Tertiary attraction is an umbrella term originating in aro communities to describe forms of attraction other than romantic and sexual, or other than physical and emotional.[1] This even means to have a mental attraction / being a friend.

Typically, for allosexuals/alloromantics, a partnership may involve a mix of many or all of these forms of attraction, but when one or more of those is missing, such as with aromantics and asexuals, it may become easier to identify narrower forms of attraction. Those who are aro ace and experience nonsexual/nonromantic attraction may identity as oriented aroace, angled aroace, or simply use another orientation label in addition to aro and ace.[2]

Someone who experiences tertiary attraction can use orientated to express it as their identity, without necessarily using the split attraction model or another specific amative or affinitive orientation, as well as being orientationless.

To derive a specific orientation label from one of these attraction types, these can be given any of the usual prefixes. For example, one can be bialterous, meaning they experience alterous attraction towards individuals of two or more genders.

individuals who do not experience tertiary attraction may identify as atertiary or nontertiary.

Since "tertiary" means "third," the term has been criticized for implicitly centering romantic and sexual attraction as the default.[3] The term eriattraction exists as an alternative.