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The tobusexual flag.

The alternate tobusexual flag.

Tobusexual is an ace-spec identity for when a individual is sexually attracted exclusively to characters that have similarities to/are a monster, or monster related individual. This could be a fictosexuality, but is not exclusive to it.

While this is based off of monsters in general, it is most often focused on the attraction of vampires, (sometimes) being from fiction. Such individuals can be attracted to genders like vampiregender and batgender, or other monster-related kingenders, as well as bat-related, vampire-related, or monster-related alterhuman individuals.


The first flag was coined by FANDOM user Cyvslm 0 on November 17th, 2020. It has no confirmed meaning.

The second flag was coined by a user going by Angel from the FANDOM account Cryptocrew on December 31st, 2020. It is loosely based off of the original flag. Light red stands for desire, mid-red represents blood as it is associated with vampires, the dark red represents passion, the black represents vampiric/batlike aesthetics, the dark blue represents sexual desire, the mid-blue represents those on the fictosexual spectrum, and the light blue represents those who are not on the fictosexual spectrum.[1]