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Not to be confused with uranian.

The uranic flag with a simplified picture of Uranus.

Another 4 stripe uranic flag by a Tumblr user who wishes to remain anonymous.

4-stripe uranic flag by ElderflowerJuice.

Another 4-stripe uranic flag by ElderflowerJuice.

Alternate uranic flag made by strwbryfemme.

4 stripe uranic flag made by strwbryfemme.

Uranic or nofemsexual is the attraction to men, masculine, and neutral non-binary aligned individuals. It is the attraction to all genders except women and woman-aligned or feminine-aligned non-binary individuals. This orientation is mostly used by non-binary individuals to describe their attraction without relying on the gender binary, but it can be used by anyone.

Similar terms include marsic, mascic, nowomasexual, solaric, torensexual, toric, and viramoric. The feminine equivalent to uranic is neptunic, and the non-binary equivalent is saturnic. Its counterpart is femsexual.


The term was coined by Tumblr user loud-and-queer (formerly socialjusticechicago), on August 31st, 2017.[1]


The uranic flag was created by Tumblr user loud-and-queer, September 17th, 2017.[2] Twitter user strwbryfemme made an alternate uranic flag with slightly altered stripes that make it easier to replicate in art, June 23rd, 2021; they also made a 4 stripe flag for the same reason.[3]

Other alternate 4-stripe uranic flags were created by FANDOM user ElderflowerJuice on July 27, 2021.[4]