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Hi! We're the Indecisive Crew, you can also call us Indecisive&!

Lior was the original owner of the account and probably will remain to be the main user of this account. We decided to not change the FANDOM-wide bio for the sake of wikis/fandoms that may not be as system-friendly.

Btw, if you ever want to check if something could be triggering but you're unwilling to check it yourself, you can ask Lior, Riki, Jax, or Jayden. We're not easily triggered. You can also ask us to translate typing quirks.

Also, Lior noticed some time ago that when typing fi, ff, and fl the height of the f changes. They freaked out (/pos) over it and now it's part of our wiki presence. There is nothing we can do.

Headmate list & activity level

  • Lior, they/it/any - most active
  • Ellie, they/she/any pleos - second-most active
  • Riki, he/she - sometimes active
  • Jax, he/they - sometimes active
  • Jayden, she/they - sometimes active
  • Faye, she/fluff/soft/fuzz - a little more active than Riki
  • Pat, he/him - we don't know if he'll be active
  • Shakespeare (not a factive, just cat named after the guy), he/him - we don't know if he'll be active

Our Padlet

This is a padlet with a bunch of information on the system.

Boundaries (in terms of coined terms)

Adding onto the wiki? (if we haven't already) : Check with us first. Usually we add our terms onto the wiki on our own, so if we haven't already, there might be a reason

Alternate Flags? : A-okay!

Alternate names? : We'd prefer if you checked with us first, but it's fine if you don't

Changing definition? : Don't

Coining related terms? : Depends. If it's heavily related to it, check with us first. Otherwise, go ahead!

DNI Lists

List 1

People who don't want to interact with us. Feel free to add yourself (and if you need to clarify anything, go ahead)

  • No one yet

List 2

People who we don't want to interact with.

  • ThunderstrikeTheStormDragon: We're fine if you end up interacting with us, we'd just prefer if you didn't -Ellie & Faye


cheese - FoxBanana

mmmmmmmmmmm snail - izumizumiku