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henluuuuuuuu my name is Reign but you can also call me Rainbow :))) my pronouns are they/she, I'm a termcollector, and ye :)


I coin a lot of terms and design a lot of flags, but you don't have to ask me to design alternates, you're always free to, i appreciate it! it's not offensive, i promise! also i support all good faith queer identities and if you're an exclusionist i hate you so, bye.


bands- one direction, julie and the phantoms, westlife, the script, little mix

solo artists- jake scott, elina, niall horan, kelsea ballerini, lauren alaina, thomas rhett, isac eliot

songs- (literally a million songs but i'll trim that down) all songs by elina, she by jake scott, black and white by niall horan, unsaid emily, stand tall, and wake up from julie and the phantoms, potential by danielle bradberry, and most glee songs

music genres- pop, pop-country, country, pop rock, acoustic, soft pop

tv shows- glee, supernatural, criminal minds, avatar the last airbender, brooklyn 99, julie and the phantoms, schitt's creek, shadowhunters, legacies, teen wolf, one day at a time, shameless

movies- dead poets' society, bubble boy

musical- dear evan hansen

books- all the pjo books, hoo books, land of stories books, kings queens and inbetweens

aesthetics- naturecore, flowercore, firecore, ravencore, magiccore, cottagecore, spacecore, royalcore

animals- bunnies, maine coon cats, turtles, hedgehogs

food- chicken nuggies and anything chocolate


i'm a musician (i sing and play piano, violin, cello, viola, some guitar, ukulele, and xylophone) and I also write songs, poetry, novels, poems, and ye. i'm a raging leftist and my goal in life is to be like a musician/social justice activist combination, or a political scientist. i'm into sociology, psychology, history, and i just generally love learning (except math, math can go die :) ) i play soccer, basketball, and tennis. i love my two fav stuffies with literally my whole heart and more

other stuff

I'm an INFP-T, Huffleclaw, divergent, i have OCD and high-functioning depression, i'm an extroverted introvert (not an ambivert, there's a difference), i might be autistic and/or have adhd but i haven't gotten tested yet so idk

terms i've coined

these are terms i've coined so if you've got any questions about any of them, ask away!!

my best frens on here

on here i have many best frens. i love everyone here but these are my closest frens here uwu :) @Idratherhavecake @KadeButton22 @-raining-constellations @Theexpertlesbiannerd @1-800-Pride @RoseWatera @Marie1qwp @Arlynnosaurus Rex @SaphYuu @CowsLoveCoffee @Hopefur09 @21 Rats Stacked In A Trenchcoat

me being my chaotic self

ur resident cheesy garlic breadsticc lord and savior. when life gives you romance, shove some C H O N K I T Y cheese bread in ur mouth to wash out the taste of str8 :)

while we're on the topic of str8, I'm not :) *gasps were heard* *no they weren't* *look at us, we're even fighting in voiceovers* *yes this is a glee reference, whatcha gonna do about it?* *ker P L O N K*

i'm a country gay, in southern USAAAA, life is shitty, but I love titty :) (if u sang that to the tune of barbie girl... congrats you got it?)

in all seriousness tho, I love everyone in my community and anyone who is hateful or invalidating should kindly prepare to be robbed of their bones 🌹🌹

i wuv my (extensively long, unlike some things) list of comfort characters and I'm highkey in a platonic relationship with my stuffies. and I really love music (singing, writing songs, playing instruments), I wuv writing and just being creative in general *"but you never actually ARE u dumb hoe" says my depression apathy, cheerful as ever* * but to that I say* BREADSTICC IT WHERE THE SUN DON'T SHINE

very passionate about social justice stuff, BLM and yea don't be racist pls



Have I mentioned I like breadsticks?

Have I mentioned that I am a breadsticc?


Like I said, I wuv everyone on here and I'm close with a bunch of peeps on here but my besties on here are @1-800-Pride @Idratherhavecake @KadeButton22 North from @The nervous system and @Theexpertlesbiannerd so if u make them sad or angwy i shall A T A C C (srsly tho I love y'all /p if you're reading this)

anygays yea that's me partially. oh yeah one last thing.


tw // g/y fr/g

Gay frog is here!


*ahem* Is everyone listening? Yeah? Okay. Grass grows, sun shines, and brotha? I hurt people. I'm a freak o' nature! If youse was from where I was from, you'd be f**king dead. WOO-HOO! ~With loving regards, this message was brought to you in part by Toast

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i hope this works ajfhgr hello its north! <3 Next time a stranger talks to you when you're alone, look up, shocked, and say, "You can see me?" 22:33, 1 March 2021 (UTC)

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<33333333 pleAs nobody hurt this amazing thingie <333 nd try to remember!! ilu impossibly chrysanthemumly five hnundrebd million infinity huge words i don't know. ;;n take care of yourself;; and drink tea!! t e A. *smnif* 'tis good for the soul. or drink water. just;; try be nice to yourself. it's ok if you can't right now, or if it's hard, but just try, okay? because you deserve to feel happy n loved nd enough. i promise <33

*khoofs* anyway!! thankyou so much <33 *sqoomfles away* -milky? perhaps not milky? :00000 mystery being with muCh teA who also!! happens to be your alterous partner n loves you impossibly infinitely mroe smart people words hhHhh <3 nU im sorry this was so long ;A;

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