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Hi I'm Avery! I used to be @HiddenInTheCloset but I'm out irl now so that had to change loll

You are valued and loved unless you're a homophobe/transphobe/racist/sexist/etc

If you're thinking about s*lf harm or su*cide, please please please get help

  • Trevor Project: Saving Young LGBTQ+ Lives[1]
  • Suicide Lifeline[2]

This thread is very helpful stay safe babes <3



About me

Gender: Non-binary, agender

Labels and orientations: Pansexual, panromantic, demisexual, queer, demipansexual

Pronouns: they/them but if you use other pronouns for me I don't mind :)

Favorite animal: frogs

Favorite color: green

Music taste: indie, pop rock, literally anything gay, musical theatre

Aesthetics: Spacecore[3], Witchcore[4], Witchy Academia[5], Woodland Goth[6], Queer Academia [7]

My beliefs/facts that shouldn't be disputed

  • Black lives matter
    • Of course all lives matter but not all lives are being oppressed right now
    • The "ALM" movement was made to diminish and contradict the BLM
  • Women's Rights are human rights
    • Believe the victims when they talk about their abuse/abuser
    • Equal pay for women
    • Of course not all men, but a scary amount of men who need to be held accountable
  • No human should be illegal on stolen land
    • We shouldn't put people in cages and break up families just because they wanted a better life
    • We violently took land from the Native Americans. Who are we to say that other people who come here aren't allowed?
  • Love is love
    • Discrimination based on sexual orientation is disgusting
    • Homophobes, don't talk to me
  • Gender is a social construct
    • This is just a fact like look through history. I'm happy to explain more
  • Science is real
    • Duh
  • Wear a mask it's a global pandemic
    • No, it doesn't stop your breathing
    • Don't be an idiot, save someone's life please
  • You don't know what strangers are going through so treat them with kindness


- Be gay do crime

- Drink some water, eat some food, get some rest

- Live your best life always

- Remember to take it easy on yourself, though

- You are always valid and loved and you are part of a community no matter what other people say

- I love you all ❀️

Leave a message/note here if you want!!

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