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This post is to keep track of the wiki-wide story's resources and ideas! This is where we'll keep track of the posts made about it, guidelines, characters, basic plot, and those participating in it! /gen


Discussion of Plot and Characters:

Guidelines Discussion:


  1. Do not write anything that would break the wiki guidelines.
  2. We will write each part one at a time.
  3. Each user(or each headmate in the case of systems) who wants to do it can only write one part until everyone who wanted to has written a part.
  4. You will have a week to write the next part of the story when it gets to your turn before someone else is allowed to write it. This is to keep the story moving.
  5. If you took longer than a week, you’re allowed to try again at a later date because we understand sometimes things come up.
  6. Keep the story going so everyone who wants to can write a part. Don’t end it until it is agreed upon that it can end.
  7. We, as the folks running this, will decide who gets to write at what time (using a random name picker). So when the time comes, you’ll have to sign up.
  8. You can decline writing it when chosen at random and do it at a later date if that suits you best.
  9. If the writing of the story has started and you decide you want to write a part, you can always join in until the story ends.
  10. Whoever is writing has full creative control minus ending the story. It is requested you stick to the plot a little, but if you want to throw the protagonist(s) on a side quest of sort, that is allowed. (Worst case scenario, the next writer claims your entire part was a dream /lh)
  11. There is no minimum or maximum length your part has to be. You can write a literal sentence or 100 pages, as long as it is within your week.
  12. Submit the piece you wrote as soon as you’re done.
  13. Don’t feel obligated to write. You can always decide you don’t want to do it anymore, even in the middle of the week you were designated to write a part in.
  14. Have fun. That’s an order. /lh


To Be Decided



(Submitted by Mouchette)

Age: 17

Gender: demiboy agenderflux summergender chaosgender magigender endergender snowgender lemongender staticgender beegender limegender sourgender cookiegender cupcakegender webcoric kenocoric (kind of gnc)

Attraction: aceflux mspec vincian (polyamorous)

Pronouns: fae/they/he/it/vey/she/key/bzz/bop/bee/glitch/error/disc/ender/keno

Birthday: June 21st

Height//Weight: 170 pounds 6'2"

Abilities: Can common several kinds of auras and magical rays, some of them rainbow coloured

Species: Blue elf

Neuro: ADHD, generalized anxiety disorder, endogenic median system of 3

Kins: Jevil from Deltarune, endermen from minecraft, limecookie from cookierun, and ENA

Personality; Shy but outgoing when you get to know them

Users Participating

CasualChaos (Rowan and Etana)