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NOTE: This will be updated soon.

Each of the topics discussed in here can be found in more detail on the Community Guidelines, Article Guidelines, and the Discussion Guidelines. Read them to have a better understanding on the topics mentioned here.

1-2 Weeks

Not crediting artists

If someone fails to credit and link to artists three times (fanart, reference art, Picrews, etc) they will be blocked for two weeks. If the art was made by an anonymous user, they still need to link to where the anonymous user submitted it.

Breaching DNI

If someone breaches the DNI request of another user, they will be blocked for 1 week-2 weeks. If a staff member has requested a DNI, this DNI can only be breached under emergency (eg: trolls raiding the wiki).

1-3 Months

Stealing art

If someone is caught stealing art (this includes tracing, only making slight changes, etc) they will be blocked for 1-2 months.

Implying/stating Paraphilic Disorders are LGBTQ+

If someone implies a paraphilic disorder (pedophilia, zoophilia, incestual attraction, etc) is a queer identity in a misinformed/uneducated manner, they will be blocked for a month. If done purposefully, an individual will be blocked for 3 months.


If someone exhibits exclusionist behavior in a misinformed/uneducated manner, they will be blocked for a month. If done purposefully, they will be blocked for 3 months.


If someone misgenders and assumes the pronouns of an individual more than twice, they will be blocked for two months.

Offensive DNIs

If someone requests a DNI on another user for an aspect of their identity (such as being endogenic, being Asian, being religious, etc) they will be blocked for three months, as using DNIs to spread exclusionism is not tolerable.

Continuously/repeatedly breaking page guidelines

If someone is found repeatedly making or editing pages in an incorrect manner they will be blocked for a month. This includes making "comments" on a page, making joke/satire pages, needlessly renaming pages, cussing excessively and using excessive slang on pages, removing information, and anything similar.

6 Months-1 Year

Evading/ignoring exclusivity

If someone is caught creating a flag for an exclusive identity (ie: an intersex variation, a religious identity, etc) they are not a part of, they will be blocked for 6 months (unless they were requested by a user of said exclusive groups to create a flag.)


Indefinite blocks will be given to those who impersonate other users/other individuals (such as celebrities,) troll, post pornography, post gore, are insistently queerphobic (ie: coming on the wiki simply to call everyone the f-slur), are insistently ableist (ie: coming on the wiki to call neurodivergent/disabled individuals the r-slur), are insistently racist (ie: coming on the wiki to call black individuals the n-slur), or anything else similar (such as being insistently discriminatory towards a religion.)


If a user has redefined someone's terms in a minor way (ie: adding a detail about a xenogender that wasn't approved of by the coiner) they will be blocked for a month. If majorly redefining a term, they will be blocked for six months. If repeated, they will be blocked indefinitely.

This also includes altering someones flag, attempting to replace the original flag, and/or creating a new flag for a term when the creator has requested not to.

Additional Notes

Additions to blocks

If slurs, insults, threats, or guilt-tripping (suicide-baiting, gaslighting, etc) are used as an attempt to get out of a block or to scare/harm the staff, the individual in question will get an additional 6 months to their block.

Similarly, if slurs, insults, threats, or guilt-tripping were used in the source of their block (ie: an exclusionist came and started hurling insults at someone for using a microlabel) the individual in question will also get an additional 6 months to the block-times listed above.


If small guidelines are broken, or someone has questionable behavior, they will receive a warning on their message wall. If they get three warnings, they will be blocked for either 1 month-6 months, depending on the severity of their actions.

Minor acts include the following:

  • Slight aggression and/or passive aggressiveness.
  • Excessive use of caps-lock without any TW.
  • Evading requests of TWs.
  • Evading requests of tone tags.
  • Evading translating typing quirks.
  • Clicking on 'do not touch' buttons of polls.
  • Upvoting a post that had 'do not upvote' on it.
  • Advertising something/soliciting upvotes.
  • Spamming.
  • Not using TWs for serious topics.
  • Randomly venting to another user without asking if its okay.
  • Randomly venting in the comments of an article.
  • Creating meaningless/spam worthy polls or polls that as "is _ identity valid?"
  • Reposting before 30 minutes have gone by.
  • Posting about discourse.
  • Posting "call-outs."
  • Getting aggravated after asking for criticism (such as making a post asking 'do you like me' and getting mad when someone doesn't.)
  • Asking someone out through discussions (message walls are fine, however it is preferred one takes flirting and asking out onto private messages elsewhere.)


If someone does multiple of the above actions, their block time should be additionally added up. If it is three 6 months-1 year actions, they will receive an indefinite ban. If someone has been blocked before, their previous block will be added up with their new block as well.