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Typing Quirk Translators

Here is a list of users who have volunteered as typing quirk translators, and are therefore willing to be pinged if you need someone to translate your typing quirk for you.

  • It is recommended to ping more than one translator, as not everyone will be available and able to respond quickly at any given time, here is a post that may be helpful to read on formatting translation requests:
  • Some of these individuals are staff members, however some are non-staff members who have volunteered to be on this list - this is not an official staff position and not all users on this list represent the LGBTA Wiki staff team.

If you would like to be added or removed from this list, contact Contie via faer message wall or reply to this post: Please also let faer know if you notice that any of the users on this list have been banned, so that said users can be removed from the list.

Our guidelines regarding typing quirks

  • Any typing quirk that interferes with the letters of words or the overall comprehensibility of words - no matter how “minor” - must be translated, as screen readers cannot always “understand” what is being said.
  • Posts that include the use of typing quirks must include a translation within the post if one is able to be provided.
  • If a translation cannot be provided by the user posting, they must ask for one to be provided (see list above).
  • Users who do not either provide a translation or ask for one to be provided will have their posts removed, and may receive a warning or block if the behaviour continues.

These rules are in place to ensure that the wiki is accessible to those who use a screen reader, as well as dyslexic, hard-of-sight, and other disabled/neurodivergent individuals who may struggle to read typing quirks.

To read the rest of our guidelines, check out: