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Hiddn.haydn Hiddn.haydn 16 December 2021

I Still Need Help (Ayuda)

The project of a Spanish speaking LGBTA wiki isn't going great. I've been following suggestions but the interest doesn't seem to stick in other people. I do want to make it engaging enough that people want to stay, but I need help from someone who believes we can do this. Iknow projects like these have been attemptedbefore, I'm sure there's a way we can make it last this time.

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Hiddn.haydn Hiddn.haydn 30 November 2021

Should we add "In other languages" sections?

Wikipedia has sections of certain pages where you can read the same word in multiple languages. Is it feasable to do the same here? I think it could be fun to see how different terms get translated.

Just to give an example of what I'm talking about, this is the "in other languages" section of the Wikipedia page for the name Susan. I can be the one to translate terms into Spanish or check for already available translations.

Also sorry for posting this twice but I'm scared it was just gonna fade away into obscurity immediately.

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Hiddn.haydn Hiddn.haydn 2 September 2021

I Need Help (Ayuda)

I am currently working on a Spanish speaking LGBT+ wiki that was abandoned years ago. Some of the terminology is outdated and many links are either empty or broken, so I'd deeply appreciate it if anyone who's proficient in Spanish could help me out fixing it or adding terminology. If you are interested, here's the link:

  • You'd be one of the first to join, therefore you'd make the rules with me as a team. This means you can do things in that wiki that you can't do here.
  • You'd be supporting the broader Hispanic LGBT+ community, which is underrepresented in internet circles.
  • If you are learning Spanish, or your Spanish is getting rusty, this is a great opportunity to practice.
  • You can become an admin, as long as you he…

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